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‘Halo Infinite’ is launching on Xbox Scarlett; 343 Industries assigned Wicked Cool Toys as the game’s master global toy licensee

Photo by: Halo Infinite/Facebook

“Halo Infinite” was revealed via E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) two years ago and it also showed up in this year’s expo. But despite this, details about the game remained scarce as its developer, 343 Industries, do not really give updates about the game.

“Halo Infinite” on gaming consoles

But one thing is sure, “Halo Infinite” is coming out in the last quarter of 2020 and it will one of the launch titles when Xbox Scarlett is released. The console is the next-gen Xbox device that is being awaited by game enthusiasts. Although “Halo Infinite” would be part of the new Xbox console, it will also be available for Xbox One and PC platforms.

"The Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite – the next chapter of the legendary franchise launching holiday 2020 with Project Scarlett," Microsoft stated. "Developed by 343 Industries for Xbox One, Windows 10, and Project Scarlett, Halo Infinite continues the Halo 5: Guardians storyline and takes the franchise in ambitious, unexpected directions."

Xbox Scarlett described as the best console for “Halo Infinite”

It was said that Xbox Scarlett is the best choice for playing “Halo Infinite” and this is because of how the latest Xbox console was made. As per the description, the game can greatly benefit from the powerful system that Scarlett has.

"We’re not talking today about features in Halo Infinite, but what I can share is our first-party studios have direct access to the team working on Project Scarlett, and the Halo team gets first access to what’s running on the hardware,” Matt Booty, Xbox Game Studios’ head told Eurogamer.

"Halo Infinite" toys

Meanwhile, 343 Industries also teamed up with another good company to expand “Halo Infinite.”

The game developer announced that it granted a license to Wicked Cool Toys to create various items like toy vehicles, action figures, plush toys, collectibles and role-play items inspired by the game. As its main toy licensee, 343 is expecting Wicked Cool to create an innovative line of toys that will complement the game.

“The fandom around the Halo franchise is strongly engaged, dedicated, and excited and the Wicked Cool Toys team is looking forward to creating a line that will enable them to enjoy the story of the game well beyond the screen,” Michael Rinzler, co-CEO of the toymaking company said regarding the partnership.

By Louis Bonquin
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