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Hair Transplant in Turkey – The Most Effective Solution to Hair Loss

Men and women around the world are struggling with hair loss problems of varying degrees. While most believe that stress is the ultimate cause of their issues, hair thinning can be triggered by a multitude of factors – genetics, diet, illness, medication, injury, climate, even hairstyle. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for balding, but a permanent solution exists – hair transplantation in Turkey.

Turkish surgeons have established themselves as the leading experts in hair transplant surgeries, treating millions of international patients every year. You’ll get the best DHI hair transplant in Turkey with the most natural-looking results within just a few months. Most notably, you won’t have to break the bank in the process.

Take a look at why hair clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, are so well respected, and see what you can get from scheduling your hair transplant appointment overseas.

Hair transplant Turkey price – How much can you expect to pay?

Getting a transplant in Turkey likely seems like an excessive expense. After all, whether it’s a hair clinic in Istanbul, London, or anywhere else in the world, the procedure is undoubtedly expensive? Besides, you’d have to cover the costs of the flight, hotel stay, transfer to the clinic, post-op medication, and more. It can’t be affordable, can it?

If you’re of this mindset, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that the hair transplant Turkey price is significantly lower than in the US, the UK, and the rest of Europe. Whereas in the UK, for example, a transplant can cost as much as £30,000, it’s almost 90% more affordable in Turkey. The best part is that clinics will give you an all-inclusive quote when you schedule your appointment. The cost of your hair transplant package will include:

● A free consultation;

● The maximum number of grafts;

● Needle-free anesthesia;

● Transfer from the airport to your hotel to the clinic and back;

● Interpreters who speak your native language;

● Three-nights stay at a 4-star hotel by the clinic;

● Post-op medication;

● Shampoos and lotions for aftercare;

● Laser hair therapy.

But don’t confuse the low cost of a hair transplant with a low quality of service. Turkish clinics are some of the most respected globally, and Turkish hair restoration surgeons are some of the most highly sought-after international experts. You can expect the utmost quality of care.

The only reason for the price difference of a transplant in Istanbul and other European cities is Turkey’s lower cost of living. Education, healthcare, utilities, rent – they’re all much lower in Turkey than in most of Europe, so the hair transplant procedure is subsequently more affordable for international patients.

Best DHI hair transplant Turkey – Advanced procedures for permanent solutions

For the best hair transplant operations, schedule a consultation with Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic. Dr. Serkan Aygin offers hair transplant in Istanbul that delivers permanent, natural-looking results with 98% growth rate of transplanted grafts.

He has over 25 years of experience transplanting hair and perfecting hair restoration methods, receiving numerous medical awards throughout his career. Most recently, Dr. Serkan Aygin was the winner of the European Awards in Medicine in 2019 – a testament to his skills and expertise.

Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic offers sophisticated restoration procedures that have the best results:

● Sapphire hair transplant

● DHI hair transplant

The sapphire FUE (follicular unit extraction) method involves using a micromotor with sapphire crystal blades. The surgeon uses this tool to open tiny incisions in the hair donor area then remove grafts one by one. Once all the grafts have been extracted, the same micromotor is used to open passages in the hair recipient area and insert the grafts.

The DHI method is somewhat similar, with the only difference being the tool used. Instead of a micromotor, the surgeon will use a precise implanter pen that extracts a graft, then immediately inserts it into the recipient area.

Whether it’s FUE or DHI, the surgeon will first use needle-free anesthesia to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. Both FUE and DHI are painless, precise, and leave no visible scars.

Hair transplant Turkey before and after – What should you expect?

Scheduling a hair restoration surgery is a big step, and it’s only normal to be nervous about it, especially when you don’t know what to expect. That’s why it’s in your best interest to carefully examine hair transplant Turkey before and after pictures. They’ll show you exactly the kinds of results you can expect.

In the pictures of Dr. Serkan Aygin’s patients before and after their surgeries, you can see his careful attention to detail and the utmost quality of work. He makes sure that the hairline looks nothing short of perfect and that each patient receives as many grafts as needed for a completely natural appearance.

When scheduling your appointment, the doctor will provide you with detailed consultations and offer instructions on what to do before and after your surgery to ensure you get the results you want. He will explain the necessary steps for the aftercare and guide you through every step of the process so that your surgery goes smoothly.

Hair transplant Turkey reviews – What others are saying

Patient reviews and comments always speak volumes about the quality of a clinic and its staff. You’ll notice that Dr. Serkan Aygin enjoys an excellent reputation, with virtually all of his patients praising his skillful work and customer care.

A quick online search will show you exactly what previous patients are saying about Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic. With over 3,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars on Google Reviews, it’s evident just how effective Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic is.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for an effective, affordable solution to hair loss, look no further than hair clinics in Turkey. Within a few months after the surgery, your hair will look as voluminous and luscious as you’ve always dreamed.

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