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Gift Ideas for Someone Unwell

Is there someone in your life that's going through a hard time or is struggling with some type of illness? Be it for a close family member or someone from work that's feeling a bit down, this list will help you find something to put a smile back on their face.

Print off pictures and put them into an album – in a world of social media, often, all of our pictures are kept online somewhere. Printing them off and creating a photo album is a great way to capture memories and let someone know you're thinking of them.

New houseware – this may be a new decoration for the house, or a new set of glasses for the kitchen. If you notice that your friend is in need of something new but hasn’t had a chance to replace it yet, then do them a nice favor and send it as a gift.

Balloons – if you just want to let someone know you're thinking of them, a balloon delivery might be just what they need.

Pajamas – for anyone that's feeling under the weather or a bit sorry for themselves, new pajamas are often a great way to cheer them up. Pick a pair that are comfortable and loose-fitting, and maybe add in some thick socks while you're at it for the colder months.

A sleeping mask – to go with their pajamas, a sleeping mask can help anyone get a good night's sleep, which is sometimes hard to get when you're feeling sick or in a stressful period of your life. Combine a sleeping mask with a candle and essential oils to create the perfect night-time gift basket.

Paint set and brushes – often, getting creative is the best way to start feeling better. If you're buying for someone with a creative streak, some new paints and brushes along with a pad to start painting on might be the ideal way for them to take their mind off their blues.

A new print – check out Etsy for some great ideas for get-well gifts. Look for prints of your local area, maps, or a quote that means something to both of you. Putting something fresh on the wall can help bring a smile to anyone when they walk past it and remember the good times they have had somewhere, or think about a quote that brings positivity.

Something for the holidays – if there's a holiday coming up, consider getting something to get them in the mood. It might be that they are a Halloween fiend and love spooky decoration in the garden. If Christmas isn't far away, get them a new decoration for the house or stocking with your gift set inside it.

A calendar with inspirational quotes – this is perfect for anyone that needs some help getting organized as well as some extra positivity. See if you can find a calendar with room to put important dates, to-do lists, and a new quote each day.

A handheld massager – this is amazing if you haven't tried them before. You can get massagers for both your scalp and you back, and for anyone that needs something to make them feel a little bit better, this is the perfect gift. They can also be used by someone else to give a massage, and we recommend trying both!

New socks – this is one of those gifts you groan at as a child, but as you get older, you appreciate more and more. Go for a big warm pair to keep the person you're sending your gift to as comfortable as possible. Slipper socks are also great for wearing around the house when the floor starts to get cold in the winter.

Something for the garden – if you're buying for a gardener, then this is the perfect gift. Look for some new plants for them to add to their flower beds. If you aren't sure what plants are best, try for something more decorative that will make their garden look beautiful over the summer. A bird feeder can be great to bring wildlife into the garden and doesn't break the bank.

A streaming service subscription – if your loved one is stuck at home and needs extra entertainment, why not buy them a subscription to a new streaming service? There are lots to choose from, so they won't have them all. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu all have a great selection of films and TV shows to binge on while getting better.

A mix-tape (or playlist) – mix-tapes used to be the number one method for finding and showing other people new music. Try this the modern way by making a playlist for someone that isn't feeling well with tunes that you both love to listen to. Or, add in lots of new music you think they will like while recovering.

Face mask collection – who doesn't like to pamper themselves when they're feeling a bit down? Get a collection of face masks, and make a night of it with something bubbly to drink and a good film to watch. The person you're buying for will feel better both inside and out!

A new pillow – sleeping is one of the main comforts we have when we feel ill, so try buying a new one as a get-well gift. Add a nice pillowcase for a perfect night’s sleep, or look for a memory foam pillow if you're buying for someone that's suffering from neck or back issues. It might be the thing that helps them to start to recover.

Meditation books and courses – for anyone that has tried meditation, you'll know that it's one of the most relaxing things to do, and it can be beneficial for people suffering from both mental and physical issues. Find a book that has some simple breathing techniques to help your loved one get started. There are also some great meditation apps now available like Headspace and Calm, which have subscription services. These come with lots of great content, and could be a significant and impactful gift.

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