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First Round Of Sale Of New Digital Token BTSR Launched

BitTeaser, a fast growing advertising network, is utilizing MIT-licensed Graphene blockchain technology, to become the first decentralized advertising network in the world.

BTSR is a new digital token anyone can hold to receive a share of the profits of BitTeaser. The first round of BTSR for sale has just launched on the BTSR website with a current starting price of 15 BTS and 0.00015 BTC, with the price increasing 3-5% every 2-3 days until March 11th 2016.

“Anyone can benefit from the present pre-sale price, which will increase up until the public launch on March 11, by ordering directly on the BTSR website”, CCEDK said.

Danish bitcoin and crypto exchange CCEDK ApS is the issuer of the BTSR token. BTSR is created and hosted by OpenLedger, a decentralized financial platform, and holders of OBITS will also benefit from the revenue generated by BitTeaser. OBITS, launched last November, shares a percentage of all revenue generated by OpenLedger and its associated projects, including BTSR, with holders.

“BTSR is a very easy way to invest in advertising”, the website reads. “All you need is your own account on OpenLedger to store your purchased BTSR, allowing you to monitor any value changes of the token easily, as well as trading on this platform or other exchanges – whether your investment is short- or long-term”.

BTSR holders will be able to support BitTeaser's activities in exchange for a share of BitTeaser's revenue, along with the possibility of realizing additional income from trading the BTSR token on supporting exchanges.

“Every month, 70% of BitTeaser's monthly Bitcoin profits will be used to buyback BTSR and OBITS on exchanges”, CCEDK said. “BTSR holders will receive 80% of this share, while OBITS holders will receive 20%”.

In the long term, BTSR holders may see an increase in the value per unit of their investment based on supply and demand, as well as having the tokens burned from every buyback thus reducing overall available supply.

“On March 11th 2016 we launch to the public the crowdsale of the token BTSR. The crowdsale is expected to run until the day of first scheduled day of buyback May 2nd.2016”, the website adds.

BitTeaser operates in a similar way to Google Adwords – revenue is generated based on providing advertising space for websites, companies and products. It currently serves over 1000 webmasters, with monthly growth of around 15 to 20%.

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