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‘Dragon Ball Super’ chapter 58: Vegeta teleports to Earth to assist Goku against Moro

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With Goku back in the game, the upcoming “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 58 is definitely one action-filled installment of the manga series. What’s even more exciting is that Goku’s arch-rival Vegeta could be making his entry as well.

In the previous chapter, Goku was finally able to sense where Earth is located. He was able to pick up the Krillin’s chi as the latter was fighting against the new entity resulting from the combination of the three female underlings of Moro.

He’s entry into the battlefield couldn’t have been more well-timed. Krillin and Master Roshi are actually at their wit's end trying to deal with their powerful opponent. Thankfully, Goku was able to subdue her with just one casual chi blast.

“Dragon Ball Super” chapter 58 will likely show Goku helping out other members of the Z fighter who are currently facing opponents. Thus, he will head to where Yamcha and Tien are to help them in their fight against Zauyogi who introduced himself as an adviser to Saganbo’s Galactic Bandit Brigade.

Speaking of Saganbo, Goku will likely try to help out the Z fighters engaged in a battle with the character. Saganbo proved to be too much for the team to handle. Even with the combined efforts of Android 17, Android 18, Gohan and Picollo can’t seem to keep up with their powerful opponent.

The reason for Saganbo’s increased battle prowess is Moro. The powerful wizard has the ability to artificially raise his subordinates’ power by augmenting it with his own.

However, Goku might not be able to freely interfere with Saganbo’s fight against the Z-fighters in “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 58. With Moro watching the fight, he won’t likely allow Goku to defeat Saganbo with him around.

What’s likely to happen is that Moro will finally fight against Goku in “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 58. After all, he has been eagerly waiting for the chance to drain Goku of his powers and make it his own.

But it won’t be that easy, even for the universe’s most powerful wizard. Goku trained hard for this exact moment and it’s unimaginable just how strong he has become.

And there’s another reason why Moro won’t be able to defeat Goku easily. While Vegeta has been training hard to learn a new technique that he could use against Moro, he has also been keeping tabs on what’s happening on Earth. If Moro decides to fight Goku in “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 58, he will surely sense it and teleport immediately.

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