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Doug Pederson: The Philadelphia Eagles head coach is COVID-19 positive; on self-quarantine

Kevin Burkett/Flickr

Doug Pederson, the head coach for Philadelphia Eagles, won't be overseeing the team for the meantime after he tested positive for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The team made the announcement but said that Doug Pederson is doing well and is asymptomatic. Thus, at the moment, he is self quarantining and is in constant contact with Philadelphia Eagles' medical staff.

The Eagles also stated that all those who have been in close contact with the head coach have been informed and will continue with testing daily and complying with all the protocols before being admitted inside the team's facility.

As per the protocol, Pederson may rejoin the team after 10 days as he is asymptomatic. Or, after five days if he will be able to get two negative results.

Pederson testing positive is adding to the growing concerns of the National Football League (NFL) deciding to push through with its 2020 season slated to open on September 10.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has already canceled the preseason but many are still questioning their move to go ahead with the games.

Some 40 players have also decided to take the opt out policy wherein a player will be allowed to sit out the 2020 season. Players will receive $350,000 if they are COVID-19 high risk, or just $150,000 if they are not but would rather not play because of COVID-19 concerns.

Doug Pederson is the first in the NFL to have tested positive since training camp started last July 28. There isn't even full-on contact yet as that will be happening on August 17.

According to CNN, former NFL safety, Dr. Myron Rolle, a neurosurgeon who is on his third year as a resident at the Massachusetts General Hospital, had said that he doesn't think it is safe to start the NFL now.

He said that NFL should either delay or cancel the 2020 season altogether because it is not safe for the teams, players and fans to be at the stadiums in these times.

Rolle added that the frontliners should be allowed to get ahead of COVID-19 first as it will make it safer for all sporting events to be held.

Rolle may have a point as it hasn't been two weeks since the Major League Baseball (MLB) opened its 2020 season and two teams—Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals, are already suffering COVID-19 outbreaks.

In the meantime, taking over the Philadelphia Eagles in Doug Pederson’s absence is Duce Staley, the team’s assistant head coach and running backs coach.

Image credit courtesy of Kevin Burkett/Flickr

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