Digital Currency/Stablecoin/Tokenization Series: Trending Mobile-Phone Makers Interests In Blockchain Phones

The renowned tech giant ‘LG Electronics’ has, very recently, divulged their intention to launch its ‘blockchain phone’. 

Well, a Korean media source ‘Chosun’ reported that “LG is likely to play a counterpart in Samsung’s innovation initiative”. The report further stated that LG is confronting issues differentiating a potential blockchain phone from Samsung’s prior launches. 

While Samsung has already unveiled its Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10 earlier this year, with multiple models complete with its blockchain Keystore. The device supports dApps, ERC-20 tokens, and now, even Bitcoin (BTC).

For now, HTC is going to test their luck in the blockchain industry, they seem to have concrete plans to revolutionize the budding blockchain technology into their smartphone models. 

With that objective, HTC has announced the launch of a smartphone named ‘Exodus 1’, that would be able to run a full Bitcoin node.

For now, has revealed its collaboration with HTC’s crypto project. 

Most recently, made an announcement about their partnership for the addition of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support for its Exodus 1 smartphone.

The HTC blockchain smartphone is equipped with the pre-loaded application that is meant for crypto-wallet, especially to support BCH. 

The Zion is a private vault designed in HTC phone driven by the blockchain technology to transact cryptos which will utilize key management and trusted UI feature for validating and safeguarding BCH transactions. Thereby, HTC seems to be joining troops for blockchain adoption. The story never stops there, more mobile companies’ business interests seen in cryptos.

Microsoft has also been working on the blockchain technology as the FinTech world (blockchain/cryptocurrencies industry) have been gaining its attention impeccably into the mainstream, they have now added bitcoin as a currency option in Excel.

Furthermore, ‘Opera Тouch’ web browser with built-in crypto storage is also on the table deployed by iOS, as per the announcement of Opera. The application is going to be compatible with dApps backed by Ethereum platform, iPhone users are reportedly eyeing to store digital money in a wallet of a new Opera Touch browser, deployed exclusively for smartphones that resembled on Android devices recently.

Recently, Apple also appended the BTC symbol to its character set as Bitcoin payments making a buzz but quite a few have taken aback on their policy revivals when its turbulence have shackled the entire cryptocurrency avenue and seem little muddled with some hacking scams.

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