Cryptocurrency Derivatives Series: KuMEX Lines-Up To Launch Bitcoin Futures Of Monthly Delivery

It has been a bearish end to September and the bearish beginning to the October series for the crypto asset markets. Market benchmark BTC fell 13.50% during September and slid 4.06% so far in October, while the overall crypto market cap also pulled back. 

While we kept reiterating that cryptocurrency derivatives marketplace has begun to obtain numerous interests after the recent trends in Bitcoin price sentiment after Bakkt’s lacklustre launch of physically deliverable bitcoin futures but the hopes are still on the table. 

There has been a long waiting of cryptocurrency aspirants for institutional investors. Although the launch of bitcoin futures contracts on regulated exchanges in late 2017 made a bit of a buzz but didn’t gain a lot of traction instantly when introduced.

For now, at the conclave of Blockchain Life 2019 in Moscow, Kucoin’s futures platform, ‘KuMEX cryptocurrency exchange, has come up with an announcement of its intention to launch bitcoin monthly futures contracts in a few weeks’ time.

According to a twitter update, the plans of futures trading platform has been divulged that their founder, Michael Gan, speaking at the blockchain life 2019 event in Moscow, unveiled the information that KuMEX will be launching monthly bitcoin contracts soon.

For improved trading experience, they recently came up with an announcements of ‘KuMEX System Upgrade Notice’ and ‘KuCoin Revises Exchange Center.’

Binance has also recently announced that they were developing two futures platforms, namely, “Futures A” and “Futures B,” that enable their clients the opportunity to choose their favorite system. 

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