Cryptocurrency Derivatives Series: A Run Through on CME Bitcoin Futures Volumes to ISDA’s CDM (Common Domain Model)

What’s cooking in bitcoin derivatives market: Bitcoin derivatives trading has received myriad interests following the spike in Bitcoin’s price.

Well, as per the twitter source, Bitcoin’s new volume persuaded the futures market, CME bitcoin futures observes massive growth of 63.5k contracts traded during last week. On the other hand, CBOE, ahead of bitcoin’s stern bull run, announced to halt its bitcoin futures. The underlying price of bitcoin futures has recently regained the momentum to hit back above $5.25k and signaling the upside momentum on the ascending price curve. 

Notably, The resurgence in the recent past has prompted futures contract at CME Group Inc showing emerging prospects. 

As you can observe CME’s twitter handle, these contracts have reportedly shown a jump of about 230% which is equivalent to 318k Bitcoins. CME has certainly stated that most of the futures trading volume on April 09, when it hits the highest record.

Elsewhere, there has been an announcement about the integration of Deribit with Caspian to offer futures and options (F&O) trading services for crypto-assets on Derbit’s platform.

Well, Caspian is actually in the picture, especially for its institutional grade digital asset portfolio management services. 

Caspian raised about $19.5 million in a token sale and they listed the Caspian token for public trading on KuCoin in the recent past.

ISDA’s new mechanism: International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) is working with the Digital Asset, which an Enterprise blockchain company, to develop an open-source reference code library that will help derivatives market participants adopt the ISDA Common Domain Model (CDM). This new tool will assist developers in implementing the ISDA CDM in solutions for trading and managing derivatives via DAML, the smart contract language created by Digital Asset and focusing to develop software meant to ease adoption of the trade group’s potentially cost-slashing data standards.

Currency Strength Index: FxWirePro's hourly BTC spot index has shown 79 (bullish), while USD is flashing at -33 (bearish) while articulating at 11:21 GMT.

For more details on the index, please refer below weblink:

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