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Crypto Technicals: BTC/USD extends bullish momentum, on track to scale new 2019 highs above $14,000 mark

BTC/USD chart - Trading View 

Exchange - Coinbase

Support: 12,113 (5-DMA); Resistance: 13868 (June 26 high)

Technical Analysis: Bias Bullish

BTC/USD extends gains above $13,000 mark, hits new monthly highs at 13,161.

The pair trades with a strong bullish momentum, scope to hit new 2019 highs.

Stochs RSI have rolled over from oversold levels and momentum studies are bullish.

GMMA shows uptrend in both near and long term moving averages. 

MACD shows bullish crossover on signal line and ADX is rising with positive DMI dominance.

The pair is likely to scale new 2019 highs above $14,000 mark. Weakness only below 21-EMA.

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By Anupama Grandhi
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