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‘Boruto’ chapter 47: Amado needs Konoha’s cooperation to kill Isshiki

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It would be some time before the “Boruto” chapter 47 release date arrives next month. However, fans can’t help but speculate on what the upcoming manga chapter could bring especially with Amado’s confidence that the powerful Isshiki, who inhabits inside Jigen’s body, can be killed.

The fight between Koji and Jigen finally started in the previous “Boruto” manga chapter, which can be read on Mangaplus. While Isshiki/Jigen is indeed very powerful, Amado seems confident in his ally’s ability to defeat the Kara leader. “I’ll teach all of you how to kill an Ohtsutsuki,” the scientist told those in Konoha.

There are speculations that Amado might have made ample preparations beforehand to ensure Jigen’s defeat. While it was not revealed yet in the manga, the Kara scientist is likely among the longest-serving members of the organization, which make him privy the many of Kara’s secrets.

The depth of his knowledge about Kara is already apparent in the things he revealed to Shikamaru, Naruto, and Sasuke. It is also likely that Amado revealed Jigen’s weaknesses to Koji as the latter was able to know just what types of attacks would work on the Kara leader.

For instance, Jigen was disdainful that Koji would use flames to attack him. After all, he can just use Karma to absorb any kind of any types of attack created by chakra.

But to Jigen’s surprise, Karma is unable to absorb the flame attacks unleashed by Jigen. “I summoned natural real fire from faraway flaming mountains,” Jigen explained. “They’re splendid natural flames, not chakra derived so you can’t absorb them using Karma.” Koji will likely reveal other tricks up his sleeve in “Boruto” chapter 47 in his effort to take down the Kara leader.

There are also speculations that Amado might found a way to defeat Isshiki Otsutsuki but requires the cooperation of Konoha. According to this theory, the key to defeating Jigen is Boruto.

Boruto possesses the Karma of Momoshiki. It is possible that Amado might have devised a way to use Momoshiki’s karma to defeat Isshiki. The scientist might even end up devising a way to undo the Karma on both Boruto and Kawaki to save them both.

“Boruto” chapter 47 will be released on June 18, 2020. Stay tuned for more updates.

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