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‘Black Clover’ episode 123 release date, spoilers: Nero remembers the past 500 years and recalls the Magic Knights she met

From the trailer of “Black Clover: Quartet Knights” | Photo credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment America / YouTube screenshot

The massive elves reincarnation story arc had just ended a couple of weeks ago, and the anime series got its well-deserved break recently. The good news is the show is coming back this week with “Black Clover” episode 123 focused on Nero’s memories from 500 years ago.

Black Clover’ episode 123 spoilers: Will there be new and anime-original scenes for the Nero special?

Before diving into what would happen in “Black Clover” episode 123, it should be noted that Nero is not just some grumpy-looking bird. It was later revealed that she is actually a human named Secre, who lived 500 years ago and worked closely with the First Wizard King, Lumiere Silvamillion.

She was like an assistant – a very capable one – who helped Lumiere in experimenting on various magic tools and abilities. Secre’s mostly known for magic-storing abilities was used to preserve Lumiere’s consciousness and magic abilities explaining how the First Wizard King became part of the fight against the Devil in the latest arc.

All this shows that Secre has very abundant stories to tell that were yet to be seen by anime fans. So when it was revealed that “Black Clover” episode 123 will be focused on Nero’s experiences from 500 years ago, it is understandable that fans expected it to include some fresh anime-original scenes.

However, preview images of “Black Clover” episode 123 suggest that will not be the case. The screenshots of scenes included in this week’s installment show that it will mostly be composed of recaps from earlier episodes.

Black Clover’ episode 123 release date, where to watch: How many filler episodes are there?

Some fans are quite disappointed that “Black Clover” episode 123 would turn out to be a recap masked as a filler episode focused on Nero. However, other viewers are still supportive, saying the anime producers deserve a break after giving them well-produced episodes for the elves reincarnation arc. Additionally, the anime series is now too close to surpassing the manga, making these filler episodes more important in a technical sense.

Many thought that “Black Clover” episode 123 was set to be released last week. But the anime took a short hiatus, and the episode titled “Nero Reminisces...Part One” is now confirmed to go on air on Tuesday, Feb. 25. New “Black Clover” episodes are streamed through official channels such as Crunchyroll, Funimation Now, AnimeLab, and Hulu.

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