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Betting: Strategies to employ whilst betting

We love a good old bet, at new online casinos or just any random established sports betting site. You could bet on the new and upcoming boxing match that you had been eyeing for the last 6 months, or you could bet on the Premier League match between the two favourites teams to take the league. In theory, you could bet on anything that you feel like, as long as the site you bet at offers betting for it. US elections? When will Coronavirus end? Literally anything, but the most dominant form of betting that is known by all, is definitely sports betting. Today we look at some strategies that will hopefully give you some insight on the world of sports bet, and the goal if to give you some hints and tips on how to win big at new online casinos and betting sites.

Are you ready to rumble and conquer the world of sports betting? Read on!

Picking the best site for you is key!

Scams do exist. You know it well, and we know it too. It is very important that when you want to place a bet on that match over the weekend, you need to choose the site that is just right. When we say right, it does not mean that it has to be a glossy site, actually glossy and brand aesthetic is the least a gambler should look at. One needs to bet at a reputable site, one that holds a solid gambling license such as a Malta Gaming Authority or maybe a UKGC license. It is also advisable that you read reviews on the site to make sure that where you place your money is legit and not a scam. You will find many of these reviews on the net, read them. We also suggest that you look at the comments that other people are writing about the site. Where other gamblers scammed? Were they paid on time or did they experience delays? How is customer support and how long does it take to get your winnings? These are all things that you would need to consider along with what jurisdictions does the casino accept, and from which countries.

How to manage your sports betting player account funds

If there is one thing to really keep in mind is to make sure that you are taking good care of your bankroll. You might want to spend all your money on that upcoming event as you are sure that you will take home a win. Be careful, and keep your emotions in check always. Clear your brain and outway all the odds, place all your cards on the table. Keep in mind that it would be a much better option to make sure that you have some bankroll left into your player account for any other upcoming events that you might want to bet on. We always suggest that your wagers do not exceed the 5 Euros or 5 Dollars mark just to make sure that if you lose, your bankroll will not suffer. So rule of thumb, when registering and playing a bet at a new online casino or maybe your favourite sportsbook site, do not go all in. Keep track of your funds and you will have more money to play with in the long run.

Do not go for drunk bets, they are always a mistake.

There are always 2 things that you should not do when you have an extra drink or two. They tell you never to drunk call, and to never drive, and they are right on both accounts. However there is one other thing not to do when you are drunk, just stay away from your mobile or pc, and do not indulge into sports betting. Truth is, when we are not lucid, meaning when we do not have a clear mind, we do not choose proper bets. If you do visit a new casino site to make a bet, probably you will lose your funds, and you will not benefit from a win. So, in a nutshell if you have a drink, two or 7 in the same night , stay away from betting. You may be buzzed or you may be just happy, still stay away from betting, as probability is, you will not win. Keep your money for when you are sure and ready to place a bet.

Sign Up Bonuses aka Welcome Bonuses

The good news is that many new online casinos and new sportsbooks will offer you a welcome offer as soon as you sign up as a new player. The other good news is that if you register to new sites every time, you will have more diversity, probability of different and better odds and also a good amount of sign up bonuses. If you just want to sign up to 1 site, we always suggest that you do your research. Let say you are debating between 2 sites to sign up for. Apart from looking at the feedback from other players and the site’s reputation, it would be advisable lso to look at what offer is available. Let’s say that site 1 gives you a betslip of $30 and the other one gives you a betslip of $35, best to also check how much time you would need to wager the amount that is granted as a bonus. You can find all this information at the terms and conditions of the said site, normally there would be a small print of to read at the bottom of the prom section. We cannot say it enough: Read and do your research.

Betting Lines are there for a reason: Compare

If you visit a new online casino or a new online betting site, probability is that each site will have different betting lines, this is the reason that checking and comparing is always advisable. We also suggest that you have more than 1 account and not just sign up with 1 account. This will help you have diversity and have some fun here and some fun there. Once you have different accounts, you can compare the odds for that sporting event that you have been following for some time. Let’s say your go to site has odds set at +120 and the next stie that you friends places bets at, has odds set at +130. We know it is not much, but that extra small line in betting will give you an extra amount of money in your pocket and honestly you need that. If you place your bets on the underdog and the underdog wins, you will go home with a hefty amount of money. Keep that in mind this trick when you are placing your bets or deciding still where to place your bet.

Now that we have given you all the tricks, trends and strategies for your sports betting, use them wisely. Playing at a new online casino or a new bookmaker will see you win real money if you use our betting strategies to the book!

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