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BCCC: Microsoft Japan, ConsenSys And Others Establish Japan’s First Blockchain Consortium

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Japan’s first blockchain industry organization, “Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC),” has been established.

34 companies that research, develop and deploy blockchain technology have come together to establish the consortium for the purpose of educating the public about, researching and developing, and promoting investment in blockchain technology and working together with blockchain organizations overseas.

These companies include Arara Inc.; BASE, Inc.; BtcBox Co., Ltd.; Bitbank, Inc; Clover Lab., Inc.; Consensus Base LLC.; ConsenSys; CurrencyPort; Drecom Co., Ltd.; EMTG; E-Guardian Inc.; Fidel Technologies KK; FISCO Ltd.; HASH Consulting Corporation; HAW International; Hotto Link Inc.; GMO Internet, Inc.; iRidge, Inc.; IndieSquare Inc.; Infoteria Corporation; Japan Third Party Co., Ltd.; Kataribe, Inc; LOCKON CO.,LTD.; Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.; MONEY PARTNERS SOLUTIONS Co., LTD; Nayuta Co., Ltd; OKWAVE; OPT Ventures, Inc; Plat'Home Co., Ltd.; SAKURA internet inc.; SJI Inc.; Tech Bureau, Corp.; Unitedly; and Uruma Law Offices Legal Professional Corporation.

BCCC will strive to help Japan stay competitive and contribute to the evolution of blockchain technology by sharing information, competing fairly, promoting blockchain, actively expanding the scope of blockchain applications, and supporting funding for blockchain research. It will coordinate with other blockchain organizations around the world, to exchange experience and expertise globally.

BCCC Overview

Yoichiro Hirano, CEO of Infoteria Corporation, has been appointed as the Chairman of the consortium. Advisers include Masujima Masakazu (Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, Attorney at Law), Lon Wong (CEO, Dragonfly Fintech, Singapore), Anis Uzzaman (CEO, Fenox VC, Silicon Valley), and Kazutaka Muraguchi (head of Nippon Technology Venture Partners).

The first board meeting will be held around mid May, while first general meeting will be held towards the end of June.


The consortium has the following subcommittees:

  • Popularization subcommittee: Promote and educate about blockchain. Hold promotional activities such as events and seminars.
  • Practical Application subcommittee: Make advancements in applying blockchain to their systems and services, and publish the actual cases.
  • Technology subcommittee: Improve understanding of blockchain technology, and foster engineers who are at ease with blockchain.
  • Administration subcommittee: Administering the overall consortium and examining policies


The BCCC logo has been created with the vision that it should reflect how the blockchain technology which comes from bitcoin will connect, evolve, and move forward.

  • The orange color in ‘BC’ is paying homage to Bitcoin where blockchain originated. The color is frequently used in Bitcoin.
  • For “Collaborative,” blue color has been used to denote BCCC’s collaborative promotion.
  • For “Consortium,” green color has been used to show the consortium’s harmony.
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