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Amazon Delivery Speed Returning to Normal

Amazon, the leading e-commerce giant, has taken few steps to bring delivery speed on a normal track. On Sunday, May 13 Amazon announced that it has lifted the restrictions on inventory supply amount for the seller. Soon after the announcement, the company shares sloped 2.1% to $2,406 at 10:42 a.m. on Wednesday.

Here are the key points that sign towards a normal delivery process:

  • Sellers are no longer restricted for new FBA shipments. Now, they can send as many new product shipments to Amazon warehouses. Earlier, the limit for new FBA shipments was 50 units per order.

  • The website is likely to restore some of the missing widgets like featured deals section, coupons and the ‘Frequently bought together’. These widgets were removed when the outbreak of COVID-19 hit the world in order to prevent overstocking/panic buying of essentials.

Unexpected and unavoidable delay

The outbreak of the coronavirus has impacted every aspect of your lives. The shortage of staff, circumscribed resources, higher package number, and strict precautionary measures stalled down the delivery speed.

There were reports indicating that the workers in the Amazon warehouses were concerned for their safety during the outbreak. It increased the incidents of absenteeism and exacerbated the delays furthermore.

To increase the agony, there was lockdown in major parts of the world. However, as per the latest news from Amazon INC. is positive about streamlined and hassle-free one-or-two day delivery facility in the coming weeks.

The outbreak of COVID-19 leads to panic buying and there was a huge surge in online purchasing. While the rest of the industries were ordered to suspend the operations temporarily, online giants like Amazon, big box stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets were deemed as essentials and remained open throughout.

However, the high demand and shortage of resources provoked some inevitable delays and logistic issues. But Amazon managed to pull this off by hiring 175,000 people. Things are now started coming to normal. Amazon’s online grocery delivery facility, Prime Pantry, and Amazon Fresh are also likely to enjoy a normal delivery facility.

Bringing normalcy without any compromise

There were some lawmakers, unions, and workers that raised questions on Amazon’s security measures and accessed the company for jeopardizing the safety of its workers. However, the company called those allegations baseless.

Amazon spokeswoman Kristen Kish informed the media that the company will adhere to the health and safety measures by all means in order to protect our associates and customers while trying every possible move to improve the delivery speed.

What if your Amazon order is still delayed?

Though slowly and gradually Amazon is recovering, normalcy is still a little far. If you haven’t received your Amazon gift box or order then you can track Amazon package using a reliable Amazon tracking facility. Just enter the Amazon tracking number and find out the order delivery date.

What is the meaning of the Amazon Tracking TBA number?

If you are ordering from US, Canada, Mexico then your order logistic tracking number will start with TBA, TBM, and TBC. This type of logistic tracking can only be done using the Amazon website/apps. TBA ID can also be tracked using a special URL or web link which you can easily get from Amazon shipping confirmation email or from Amazon Orders section. The link will redirect you directly to the Amazon tracking facility.

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