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A Brief Guide to Bicycle Accident Injury Settlement

Bicyclists often share the same roads with different vehicles. As a result, bikers are extremely susceptible to on-road accidents and injuries. If you are hit by a vehicle while riding your bicycle, there is a likelihood that your medical costs and other expenses related to the injury will be covered by the insurance policy of the at-fault driver. However, even if the driver was clearly responsible for the accident, the process of bicycle accident claim settlement can sometimes be quite confusing.

The details mentioned in this article are intended to help bicycle accident victims obtain the best possible settlement for their injuries.

Common Bicycle Accident Types

There can be many different types of bicycle accidents resulting from the negligence of a driver. Mentioned below are some of the most common types.

  1. The driver failed to see the cyclist. Owing to the smaller profile of cyclists, drivers often don’t watch for them on the roadways.
  2. Irresponsible and careless driving. While driving, many drivers tend to come too close to cyclists. This often leads to the bike being struck by the car or running off the road.
  3. Speeding is another factor responsible for bicycle accidents.
  4. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Common Injuries Resulting from Bicycle Accidents

A crash between a bicycle and a car usually causes extremely serious injuries to the cyclist. The consequences of such accidents can lead to fatality or cause a significant change to the cyclist’s life. Some of the most common bicycle accident injuries include:

  1. Traumatic brain injury
  2. Crushed or broken bones
  3. Injury to the back, neck, or spinal cord.
  4. Dislocated joints
  5. Nerve damage
  6. Serious abrasions and cuts

Bicycle Accident Settlement

Just like any other claim for personal injury, your bike accident claim’s future will depend a great deal on evidence. In the cases of bicycle accident claims, insurance companies tend to offer a low settlement. This is true even when their client is clearly responsible for the accident. Insurance companies are smart enough to be able to twist the story in a way that will minimize the claim of the victim. However, it becomes difficult for them to twist the truth if the victim has adequate direct evidence such as images of the accident scene, as well as his or her injury, and a detailed medical report confirming those injuries.

Therefore, immediately after the accident, the victim should try to document as much accident related details as possible. After the accident, the victim should keep an account of how the injuries are affecting their quality of life and ability to work. This evidence can be extremely critical to the success of a bicycle accident lawsuit or claim.

Mentioned below is some other key evidence for receiving an acceptable claim.

  1. Contact the police to obtain a copy of the official accident report.
  2. The victim must try to collect the driver’s contact details and insurance related information. It also helps to figure out the contact details of all witnesses.
  3. Obtain a detailed medical report highlighting all injuries and recovery chances.
  4. After the accident, don’t repair the bicycle but keep it in the same condition. This can be extremely helpful when obtaining a property damage claim.

During the first visit, the victims should hand over all the available evidence to the attorney.

Now, here are some factors that can very easily damage a claim for a bicycle accident. Victims must consciously avoid any of these acts.

  1. Never apologize to anyone because insurance companies may take this as your acceptance of fault and deny your claim.
  2. Don’t ignore the law.
  3. Don’t forget to wear a helmet.

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