Jay L. Zagorsky

Jay L. Zagorsky

Since 1995 I have held the position of Research Scientist at The Ohio State University, where I collect data as part of the National Longitudinal Surveys on income, wealth, and life experiences of thousands of Americans. My personal finance research has been widely quoted in the media and has been highlighted in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fox News, Good Morning America, Scientific American and numerous other news outlets.

Besides publishing numerous scholarly articles I wrote the book "Business Information: Finding and Using Data in the Digital Age" for McGraw-Hill/Irwin and "Business Macroeconomics: A Guide for Managers, Traders and Practical People." More information on the macroeconomics book can be found at

I also teach at Boston University's School of Management. From 1988 to the present my teaching has spanned a wide range of levels from senior executives taking intensive classes to high school students encountering economic theories for the first time. I have taught giant lectures of over 450 students, classes of fifty, and small seminars with fewer than ten people.

My personal blog is found here

Economist who helped behavioral 'nudges' go mainstream wins Nobel

Oct 10, 2017 14:06 pm UTC| Insights & Views Economy

The 2017 Nobel Prize in economics was awarded to University of Chicagos Richard Thaler for his work in behavioral economics, which is the integration of economics with psychology. While the award was not a total...

The penny may be worthless, but let's keep it anyway

Aug 28, 2017 15:19 pm UTC| Insights & Views Economy

Governments have long waged a war on cash in an attempt to curb terrorism and tax evasion. Their focus has typically been on eliminating large denominations, like Europes 500 bill or Indias 1,000 rupee note. Two U.S....

Why Wall Street's Dow 20,000 is totally meaningless

Jan 26, 2017 07:27 am UTC| Insights & Views Economy

The Dow Jones Industrial Average just broke 20,000 for the first time. Traders and investors cheered this historic high of the worlds most famous stock market index, which is composed of 30 of the biggest and...

Paid family leave policies are expanding, but are new mothers actually taking time off?

Jan 24, 2017 15:37 pm UTC| Insights & Views Economy Law

The recent presidential campaign reminded us that the U.S. is one of only a handful of countries that doesnt require companies to provide paid maternity leave. Maternity leave is important. One of the key reasons is...

Worrisome Signs Series

How to get ready for the economic recession coming in 2017

Dec 31, 2016 16:08 pm UTC| Insights & Views

My outlook for 2017 and beyond is that the U.S. economy will likely see another recession. Yes, the economic picture currently looks wonderful. The Dow and SP 500 are at record levels. Unemployment is well below 5...

Have reports of Black Friday's death been greatly exaggerated?

Nov 23, 2016 23:58 pm UTC| Insights & Views Economy

Black Friday is hyped as one of the biggest in-store shopping days of the year, with stores trumpeting giant sales and even bigger advertising campaigns. Some pundits claim that Black Friday is dying and is no longer...

What Donald Trump's surprise victory means for the economy and business

Nov 09, 2016 19:02 pm UTC| Insights & Views Economy

Editors note: Donald Trump stunned the polls and the pundits to win the 2016 U.S. presidential election. So what will his victory mean for the economy, businesses and financial markets? We asked four of our regular...

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German bunds surge ahead of October manufacturing PMI, ECB policy rate decision

The German bunds surged Monday as investors wait to watch the countrys manufacturing PMI for the month of October, scheduled to be released on October 24 by 07:30GMT. Also, markets await the European Central Banks (ECB)...

Singapore headline consumer inflation stabilizes in September, in line with estimates

Singapores headline inflation stabilized at 0.4 percent in September, in line with market estimates. Core inflation edged up slightly due to an increase in services costs and telecommunications fees in particular. As...

US dollar likely to advance against EM Asian currencies in weeks ahead, says Scotiabank

The US dollar is expected to advance against the emerging market currencies over the coming weeks, according to a report from Scotiabank. The US Senate approved a Republican-backed 2018 budget on a 51-49 vote last Thursday...

FxWirePro: The Day Ahead- 23rd October 2017

Few economic data and events scheduled for today and all with low to medium volatility risks associated. Data released so far: China: House price index is up 6.3 percent y/y in...

JGBs little changed despite PM Abe’s tumultuous snap election win

The Japanese government bonds remained little changed at the start of the trading week Monday even as the countrys snap elections held over the weekend yielded results as per market expectations, with Prime Minister Shinzo...


As China prepares for its Communist Party congress, what will it mean for the rest of the world?

Of Chinese President Xi Jinpings many achievements in his time in office about which much will be made in the official propaganda one of the most surprising was the more confident and assertive approach to foreign policy...

What it's like to transition on to Universal Credit

Originally designed with the intention of making work pay by smoothing out transitions between paid work and welfare, Universal Credit is now being widely criticised for failing to deliver on its promises. Despite calls by...

Theresa May's speech and the challenge to expand English social housing

Amid the drama of Theresa Mays conference speech was the announcement of new funding for social housing and a new generation of council houses in England. This follows long-term under-investment in social and affordable...

Las Vegas: the US is racked with impossible divisions over rights and freedoms

In the immediate aftermath of the October 2 Las Vegas massacre the USs 273rd mass shooting in 2017 alone it seems neither President Donald Trump nor his Republican colleagues will entertain a review of current gun...

Catalonia's referendum unmasks authoritarianism in Spain

I have long worried about the rise of authoritarianism in the European Union. The Spanish governments violent crackdown during the Catalonia referendum on Oct. 1 is the latest crisis to challenge EU institutions....


New Treatment For Blindness Gets FDA Panel Recommendation, First Of Its Kind

Providing hope to thousands of people suffering from hereditary blindness, advisers for the US Food and Drug Administration just gave a critical recommendation to a new type of treatment. Using gene therapy, the treatment...

VP Mike Pence Heads NASA’s Revived Moon Council, SpaceX To Do The Heavy Lifting

After months of hinting that a Lunar mission is in the works, US vice-president Mike Pence announced via The Wall Street Journal op-ed that NASA would be sending humans to the moon. The article was published just before...

Scientists Makes Hydrogen Fuel Production Cheaper With Seawater And New Nanomaterial

Solar and wind energy might be the renewable resources that are growing in popularity, but hydrogen fuel has proven to be incredibly reliable and powerful as well. Now, a University of Central Florida (UCF) scientist has...

Chilled proteins and 3-D images: The cryo-electron microscopy technology that just won a Nobel Prize

Many people will never have heard of cryo-electron microscopy before the announcement that Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson had won the 2017 Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work developing this...

Ikea Now Has Indoor Vertical Farm, Huge Potential For Solar Partnership

With the worlds climate constantly becoming hotter by the year, industries such as farming are going to experience massive problems such as drought and daylight heat thats too much for plants to handle. Thats why products...


The Evil Within 2 Can Be Played In First-Person Via PC Console Command

The Evil Within 2 is the recently launched horror-survival shooter sequel to the critically-acclaimed The Evil Within. Launched for all major platforms, it seems the PC version has another advantage over its console...

Three Leaked Steam Sale Dates Confirmed By Devs

No matter the time of year, Steam Sales are events that PC gamers cant help but look forward to. There are three Steam Sales lined up before Christmas, which include Halloween, Autumn, and Winter. The dates of these events...

Razer Made Webcam Specifically For Live Streamers, Gamers And YouTubers Alike

Although the company is mostly known for making high-quality gaming computers, Razer is also famous for producing some of the best peripherals in the business. Among its latest lineup are a web camera and a microphone that...

Apple Gets Amazon Studio Veteran, Shows It’s Serious About Scripted Shows

For months now, the tech industry has been wondering just how serious Apple was at creating original, scripted content and how far it was willing to go. Recently, the Cupertino firm just announced that it was hiring Morgan...

Apple Sued Over Animoji Trademark By Japanese Company

During the most recent Apple event where the company showed off its latest gadgets and gizmos, the Cupertino firm tried to put hype behind a new type of messaging feature called Animoji. Its basically an emoji that mimics...
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