Jeremias Mowo

Jeremias Mowo

Regional Coordinator - Eastern and Southern Africa, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
Jeremias Gasper Mowo joined the World Agroforestry Centre in 2007 as Regional
Coordinator for the African Highlands Initiative (AHI) – East and Central Africa, and in March
2009 became the Centre’s Regional Representative for Eastern Africa. In 2014 he was
appointed ICRAF Regional Coordinator for Eastern and Southern Africa. His research
interests include integrated natural resource management, soil and water management,
farmer participatory research, methods and approaches for technology transfer and policy
and grassroots institutions in natural resource management.
He worked as soil fertility researcher in cotton-based agro-ecosystems from 1979 to 1989 in
Tanzania. From 1990 to 1994 he was National Coordinator for Soil and Fertilizer Use
Research and from 1998 to 2005 he was Coordinator for the Lushoto AHI Benchmark Site in
Tanzania. In May 2005, he was appointed Senior Scientist (Soil and Water Management
Research) at the Institut des Sciences Agronomiques du Rwanda (ISAR). Jeremias has
published over 70 journal articles & books and book chapters.
Jeremias is from Tanzania and holds a BSc (Agriculture) (1979) from Dar Es Salaam
University and MSc (1983) and PhD (2000) in Soil Science from Wageningen University.

Steps rural communities can take to protect their water resources

Nov 26, 2018 16:17 pm UTC| Insights & Views Nature

For rural communities in the highlands of eastern Africa, water for domestic use is not piped. They have to collect, or use it from springs or rivers and its accessible to anyone. Increasingly, highland communities in...



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The decline in bond yields in Australia and New Zealand throughout 2019 has paused in recent months following optimism about a potential trade deal between the US and China and hawkish language from the Fed, according to...

EM Asian currencies likely to weaken further amid increasing risk aversion, says Scotiabank

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US Treasury yields unlikely to rise much further over the next couple of years, says Capital Economics

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U.S. Treasuries gain ahead of FOMC’s October policy meeting minutes

The U.S. Treasuries gained during Wednesdays afternoon session amid a relatively quiet day ahead of the Federal Open Market Committees (FOMC) monetary policy meeting minutes for the month of October, scheduled to be...


Melania Trump maintains silence on impeachment investigations

There has been so much information and reactions made public at this point as the impeachment investigation against United States President Donald Trump. But apart from reactions from political analysts and other...

What happens to the East Wing if Donald Trump and Melania Trump get divorced

Even before winning the election, Donald Trumps statements and actions during campaign rallies were enough to cause a string of controversies. It was then not surprising that it continued even after he won the 2016...

Why Nixon's VP Spiro Agnew attacked the new media -- 50 years ago

Americans witnessed an unprecedented event 50 years ago: live television coverage on all three national networks of a speech by the vice president of the United States. Speeches by vice presidents never received such...

Fracking: how the police response is threatening the right to protest

The UK government has announced an immediate moratorium on fracking. The decision came after new scientific analysis concluded it was not possible to rule out future unacceptable impacts. Opponents of the controversial...

UK election 2019: hundreds of thousands of people could be in the wrong place when it's time to vote

The UK general election called for December 12 2019 raises important issues regarding who is entitled to vote, who will be able to vote and where they will vote. The electoral roll, which lists everyone eligible to...


361-Foot asteroid '2019 UK6' to pass by Earth, NASA says

This year, our planet has had a number of close encounters with asteroids. Now, a 361-foot asteroid is said to pass by Earth on Wednesday, according to NASA. NASAs Center for Near-Earth Object Studies has identified the...

Nearly all your devices run on lithium batteries. Here's a Nobel Prizewinner on his part in their invention – and their future

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Advances in anti-ageing research: how chemistry could hold the key to better health

Given the opportunity to live much longer lives, many of us might feel less than thrilled at the prospect. After all, you might think, who would want to live an extra 20 years dealing with arthritis, dementia or heart...

Dark energy: new experiment may solve one of the universe's greatest mysteries

As an astronomer, there is no better feeling than achieving first light with a new instrument or telescope. It is the culmination of years of preparations and construction of new hardware, which for the first time collects...

Predicting research results can mean better science and better advice

We ask experts for advice all the time. A company might ask an economist for advice on how to motivate its employees. A government might ask what the effect of a policy reform will be. To give the advice, experts often...


Google includes ‘NBA 2K20’ in Stadia’s launch day games

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Guinness World Records announces ‘eFootball PES 2020’ challenges

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‘The Last of Us Part 2’s’ main protagonist is more brutal but not entirely heartless

Naughty Dogs video games are known for having very intricately written gameplay plots. This is why, aside from the game upgrades, many fans are excited to see how Ellies character will develop as she continues her journey...
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