D. R. Jones

D. R. Jones

Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Law Library, University of Memphis
Professor Jones joined the Memphis law faculty in 2008. She teaches Copyright law and Information Privacy Law. Professor Jones's scholarship explores copyright and privacy issues. In 2022, Professor Jones was the recipient of the Patricia and Dan Murrell Ethics and Professionalism Teaching Award for using creative and innovative methods to incorporate ethics and professionalism into the teaching of Information Privacy Law. She has served as the Chair of the American Association of Law Libraries' Copyright Committee. This is a national committee that represents, promotes and advocates AALL's interests regarding copyright and other intellectual property issues.

Her recent publications are: Under the Umbrella: Promoting Public Access to the Law, 29 Journal of Intellectual Property Law 1 (2021); Commerciality and Fair Use, 15 Wake Forest Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law 620 (2015); Law Firm Copying and Fair Use: An Examination of Different Purpose and Fair Use Markets, 56 South Texas Law Review 313 (2014); Locked Collections: Copyright and the Future of Research Support, 105 Law Library Journal 425 (2013); and Protecting the Treasure: An Assessment of State Court Rules and Policies for Access to Online Civil Court Records, 61 Drake Law Review 375 (2013). The Locked Collections article won the American Association of Law Libraries Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award in July 2014. She has presented at a number of conferences, including the Annual Intellectual Property Scholars' Conference and the Works in Progress Intellectual Property (WIPIP) Colloquium. She has also been a participant and commentator at the Annual Privacy Law Scholars' Conference.

Teaching Interests
Copyright Law and Information Privacy Law

B.A. (summa cum laude), Mercer University; J.D. (cum laude), Mercer University School of Law; Master of Librarianship, with a certificate in law librarianship, University of Washington

Georgia (inactive)

Assistant Professor of Law, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law; Deputy Director, Judge Ben C. Green Law Library, and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law, Case Western Reserve School of Law, Cleveland, Ohio; Lawyering Skills I Instructor, University of San Diego School of Law, San Diego, California; Assistant Director for Reference Services, Boley Law Library, and Adjunct Professor of Law, Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon; Attorney, Trotter, Smith and Jacobs, Atlanta, Georgia; Attorney, Kilpatrick and Cody, Atlanta, Georgia

Key parts of US laws are hard for the public to find and read

Aug 10, 2022 01:47 am UTC| Law

It happens in court cases from time to time: Lawyers and judges discussing the meaning of a law cant access the text they need to review. It happened in a federal court in Rhode Island in 2004 and in the Indiana Supreme...



Space arms race may be underway

As conflict rages on Earth, an arms race may be underway in outer space. On May 30, a US diplomat warned that Russia had launched a weapon into orbit, something Russias deputy foreign minister, Sergey Ryabkov, branded as...

Mauritius’ next growth phase: a new plan is needed as the tax haven era fades

Mauritians will head to the polls by November 2024 and politicians are considering the economic direction of the island country. For the last two decades, the countrys economic growth has depended heavily on its...

Canadians are feeling increasingly powerless amid economic struggles and rising inequality

If you feel like youre being pushed around in life, youre not alone. Our recent research has found that Canadians are increasingly feeling a sense of powerlessness in their lives. This sentiment has been steadily...

Myth: How the US manipulates global markets for economic supremacy

US president, Joe Biden, raised tariffs on Chinese-made goods sharply in May, claiming that the Chinese government has cheated by pouring money into Chinese companies … hurting competitors who play by the rules. The...

The world no longer needs fossil fuels – and the UK could lead the way in making them taboo

North Sea oil and gas has become a battleground issue in the UK general election. The Labour partys manifesto promises an end to issuing new licenses for finding oil and gas. The Conservative party meanwhile proposes a...


Three ways politicians always promise to raise money without increasing taxes – and why they rarely deliver

After weeks of controversy over Labour and Conservative costings in which each side accused the other of dishonesty the manifestos show that both parties had wildly exaggerated their rivals plans. But there has been...

Election 2024: migrants aren’t to blame for Britain’s housing crisis

Migration has become the most toxic issue in British politics, driving intensely emotional debates that are often based on prejudice and misunderstanding. Similarly emotional is housing a finite resource in high demand at...

How Vladimir Putin projects his image as a modern-day Peter the Great

Russian energy giant Gazprom is reported to have been hit particularly hard by sanctions imposed as a result of the war with Ukraine. An internal report obtained and published by the Financial Times has forecast that the...

Another election, another round of Nigel Farage hype, with no lessons learned

Nigel Farage, a man who has never been elected to the House of Commons despite years of trying, has again been allowed to set the agenda in the UK. Ten years after Ukip won the European parliament elections, throwing...

Trump's 'Huge Fan' Status of Tesla Cybertruck Fuels Growing Alliance with Elon Musk

Elon Musk, during Teslas shareholder meeting, disclosed his growing alliance with Donald Trump, emphasizing Trumps admiration for the Cybertruck. CEO Elon Musk spoke about his relationship with former President Trump...


Nations realise they need to take risks or lose the race to the Moon

The Nasa-led Artemis-3 mission will place the first human boots on the surface of the Moon since Apollo 17s Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt left the lunar surface in December 1972. The goal of the Artemis programme is...

Eye exercises to improve sight – is there any science behind them? An ophthalmologist explains why you shouldn’t buy the hype

You may have seen advertisements claiming to eliminate the need for eyeglasses through vision therapy or vision training basically, eye exercises. These exercises include putting pressure on or palming the eye; eye...

The universe’s biggest explosions made some of the elements we are composed of. But there’s another mystery source out there

After its birth in the Big Bang, the universe consisted mainly of hydrogen and a few helium atoms. These are the lightest elements in the periodic table. More-or-less all elements heavier than helium were produced in the...

Engineering cells to broadcast their behavior can help scientists study their inner workings

Waves are ubiquitous in nature and technology. Whether its the rise and fall of ocean tides or the swinging of a clocks pendulum, the predictable rhythms of waves create a signal that is easy to track and distinguish from...

If an asteroid hit Earth and all the humans died, would the dinosaurs come back?

Many, many years ago dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Six-year-old Aga knows that a meteorite wiped them out… but could another meteorite bring them back? You can read a print version of this story...


CEO Says Ford is ‘Getting Close’ to Level 3 Autonomous Driving with ‘Hands and Eyes Off’

Ford CEO Jim Farley announced the companys progress towards achieving Level 3 autonomous driving, allowing for hands-free and eyes-off-the-road operation, during a recent interview with Bloomberg TV. Ford CEO Jim Farley...

Final Cut Camera for iPhone Released on App Store with Pro Features

Apple has released the Final Cut Camera for iPhone on the App Store, providing creators with powerful video production tools and seamless integration with Final Cut Pro Final Cut Camera App Launches on App Store,...

Crypto Exclusion: Elon Musk's X Payments Plan Leaves Dogecoin on the Sidelines

Elon Musks new X Payments platform will not support Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency, recent regulatory documents reveal. Dogecoin Integration Left Out of X Payments For a long time, crypto fans have wondered if...

First Solana ETF Filed by 3iQ in North America, Incorporating SOL Staking

3iQ has filed for the first Solana ETF in North America with the Toronto Stock Exchange, aiming to include staking features for SOL holders, potentially marking a significant milestone for digital asset investments in the...
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