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Xiaomi's SU7 Electric Sedan Racks Up Nearly 89,000 Orders in 24 Hours

Xiaomi SU7 attracts massive interest, challenging Tesla Model 3 with early success.

In a striking entry into the electric vehicle market, Xiaomi's debut electric car, the SU7 sedan, has rapidly caught the attention of consumers in China, with nearly 89,000 orders flooding in just a day after its unveiling.

This surge of interest pits the newcomer directly against Tesla's Model 3, highlighting Xiaomi's ambitious move from smartphones to the roads.

Xiaomi's Market Disruption with SU7

Launching its first electric sedan, the SU7, Xiaomi has swiftly made headlines, mirroring the excitement typically reserved for its tech gadgets.

Xiaomi's Weibo shared (via Teslarati) that it received 88,898 orders within 24 hours, underscoring its appeal as a Tesla Model 3 rival. Eager consumers are now flocking to Xiaomi stores across China for a firsthand look, encouraged by the opportunity to test drive the new electric marvel.

Xiaomi's strategy for the SU7 involves a RMB 5,000 ($700) deposit, making the initial commitment accessible to potential buyers. This approach is complemented by a flexible refund policy, allowing cancellations within seven days and enhancing customer trust.

Consumer Frenzy and Xiaomi's Strategic Moves

The enthusiasm around the SU7 is palpable. Social media buzzes with images of packed Xiaomi stores and long queues eager to glimpse the electric sedan.

This overwhelming consumer interest has led to an impressive milestone for Xiaomi: selling out its SU7 production capacity for 2024, with 120,000 orders already placed, according to EV industry analyst @jas0nyu.

Xiaomi's electric vehicle debut is a testament to its brand strength and a significant indicator of shifting consumer preferences toward electric mobility. With this early success, Xiaomi is challenging Tesla's dominance and marking its territory in the global transition to sustainable transportation.

As Xiaomi transitions from smartphones to sedans, its journey into electric vehicles is promising. It will stir the market and signal a future where technology and transportation converge more seamlessly than ever.

Photo: Xiaomi Global

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