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Would you Quit your job to play NFT games full-time?

Cryptocurrencies were like a pipe-dream some years back but that is now in the past. Millennials are completely bullish on blockchain technology and everything that surrounds it. Safe to say, the next generation of investments will be online.

Reports by different independent bodies show that at least 76% of crypto buyers are aged between 25 and 40 years old. This includes investments in virtual coins like ETH, BTC, and even meme coins like the DOGE. NFTs have taken center-stage of the crypto world in the past two years with celebrities, news channels, and social media influencers promoting them ardently.

But just how major is the crypto investment wave?

A recent document by NFT gaming platform Balthazar revealed that people are willing to walk out of their day jobs to play NFT games for a living including NFT horse racing. Most of them believe that crypto gaming offers opportunities to earn a better income in a more relaxed environment than their day jobs. History seems to align with these sentiments. With proper knowledge in crypto investing, one can make a lot of money. 22-year-old Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali joined the millionaire club by simply selling his selfies as NFTs on the OpenSea NFT marketplace in 2021. At 12 years old, Nyla Hayes took home $6 Million for trading her artwork as NFTs. Who wouldn’t quit employment for this kind of perks?

Some key statistics to put things in perspective:

  • In 2020, NFTs sales rose by a staggering 82%, from the previous year $141 million to over $250 million.

  • The NFT sector exploded in 2021, hitting unbelievable highs of $25 billion in trading volumes.

  • So far the priciest NFT sale, Everyday, stands at $69 million

In Balthazar’s survey that covered 1,103 respondents, including those who already play NFT games, a whopping 32% would hand over a resignation letter to their bosses for full-time NFT gaming. Surprised? About 65% of the interviewees would do so for an average of $42 a day from NFTs, while over 55% of them implied they would leave their current jobs for a daily earning of up to $20. The bulk of these people was from the Philippines, with an average monthly salary of $316.

The current earnings from NFTs may are not enough to sustain a decent lifestyle, but it’s evident that we are likely to have a massive community of NFT full-time players as the P2E ecosystem matures. Millennials will take the lead. They are digital natives who find it natural to work remotely, communicate via DMs, and they just don’t understand why they have to dress up for the office daily.

NFTs and other virtual assets are a strong base for developing expansive secondary markets. They are not only providing creative entertainment tools, but also a revenue model where participants can sell in-game assets for a fortune. The rise of the Metaverse and VR

The future of NFTs

The future of any crypto is not known but NFTs will be here longer than we can imagine. Whether you believe the craze will fade out like kryptonite, or that we’re just entering into a new phase of financial revolutions, do not invest all your fortune in blockchain. Follow proper asset allocation rules. Remember there is no defined method that one can follow to be a crypto gaming millionaire. Maybe it’s by sheer luck! So if you must quit your job, make sure you have enough savings and a backup plan in case things don’t play by the book.

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