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Will the Looming Bitcoin Regulation Crush Investors?

Regulation can have both positive and negative implications for investors. Where do the Bitcoin investors fall when it comes to the looming regulation?

Bitcoin is a global phenomenon taking root in every corner of the world and increasingly becoming popular. With tens of hundreds of millions of users, Bitcoin is something that we cannot ignore. With growing users and investors, one cannot fail to wonder what makes Bitcoin so attractive. But the answer is simple—the lack of clear regulations.

Bitcoin Regulation

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital asset and currency. Unlike the fiat currencies that are subject to the control of central authorities, particularly central governments, the decentralized Bitcoin has no such centralized power. And this means that no single entity is responsible for setting the rules that govern how Bitcoin operates.

Bitcoin transactions are not subject to monitoring and interference by a particular authority. As such, it has become vastly popular because it provides added freedom to the users. You can buy, sell, and donate Bitcoins without worrying about a central bank or a commercial bank being nosy. Such anonymity and an unregulated environment are reasons for its popularity. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, you can start by using a reliable website like thebitcoincode

Looming Regulation

To date, there have been limited efforts to regulate Bitcoin. Bitcoin's significant growth and adoption have created jitters among some governments and regulatory entities. There is a common worry about having such an unregulated market. For example, some proponents of regulation feel that the unregulated Bitcoin market makes it appealing to financial fraudsters and other criminals that love anonymity.

Since Bitcoin and crypto are still new, no precedence exists in terms of regulation. Therefore, it has not been easy to devise policies or rules to control Bitcoin. But going by the growing calls for regulation, it is only a matter of time until new policies and regulatory frameworks emerge.

What It Means to Investors

The looming Bitcoin regulation is causing unease among investors. You will be worried if you have invested in Bitcoin too. Take the example of China, which banned Bitcoin. No one wants to lose their Bitcoin investment because of such heavy regulations. But before you lose hope, Bitcoin regulation can be suitable for investors.

The looming regulation could create more stability in the Bitcoin market. So far, this market is volatile, with prices rising and falling unpredictably. With some laws, this can be limited. Regulation will reduce speculation in the Bitcoin market that has caused the high volatility. For an investor, this will build more confidence in Bitcoin.

In the same way, the looming regulation could introduce investor protection. Currently, investors in Bitcoin have no such protection. You could lose your investment at any moment and will have no one from whom to seek redress. However, investor protection policies will protect investors and also build investor confidence.

When investor confidence grows because of the new regulations, the current investors will be more confident to invest more in Bitcoin. Moreover, even the investors that have avoided Bitcoin investment will come in. And this is true for institutional investors that are highly suspicious of the unregulated Bitcoin market. The institutional investment will further boost confidence in the market, with the overall impact being that Bitcoin will be a more viable investment option.

Finally, the looming Bitcoin regulation will not crush all investors. Investors that have nothing to hide should not worry about these new regulations. Only those with fishy and illegal engagements should be worried. And since most Bitcoin investors are good and have no intention of using Bitcoin to hide their illicit activities, they should be glad about the regulation.

Take Away

The looming Bitcoin regulation will not crush investors. On the contrary, it will create a safer, more stable, and better investment environment.

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