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Why should I use the 2FA feature to keep my blockchain wallet safe?

Typically, most online login credentials are username and password. Since the crypto community is no different from the other regular platforms, your blockchain wallet is also blockchain IID and password. These are the first two pieces of information needed to keep your details and funds safe from third parties. Nonetheless, the extent to which an account is mainly secured depends on the value the account stores. While some blockchain wallets might have passwords and pins as simple as “1234,” some are a combination of alphanumeric characters because of the assets’ value the wallet holds. Hence, some investors go the extra mile to keep their wallets safe and have a strong blockchain recovery password process in place peradventure they forget. Several layers of security could be adopted to keep your funds safe, and one of them is the 2FA (two-factor authentication or the two-step verification). Ideally, the 2FA is an invaluable process that every blockchain wallet owner should adopt. So, it’s important that once you can successfully log into your wallet, you should enable the 2FA as an extra layer of security apart from your username and password. If you are wondering why you need to enable the 2FA, you should read this content to the end.

Why should I activate the two-step verification?

As mentioned earlier, there’s every need for you to activate the 2FA on your blockchain wallet the moment you log into the account successfully. The reason, however, is given below

· Username and password could be bypassed:

This is somewhat sad but true. Your username and supposed “strong” password could be bypassed by any hacker with excellent hacking skills. There are several means of using the 0s and 1s to reveal your password. Some might even use cookies sent to your phone/PC to invade your storage and password bank. With the 2FA activated, your account holder would have to possess access to your 2FA code, which is almost impossible.

· The 2FA changes:

Suppose there are any important differences between the 2FA and the regular password, in that case, because the 2FA changes, and for it to be successfully hacked, the hacker would have to have access to your mobile phone (which houses the 2FA mostly) and needs to input the code within a specified time.

· It’s better safe than sorry:

Instead of going through the blockchain password recovery processes, which most times could be stressful, why not add an extra layer of security (2FA)? It only costs you a maximum of three minutes to set it up. The 2FA is the safest means of keeping your blockchain wallet safe and out of unwanted authorizations.

How does the 2FA work?

As mentioned earlier, setting up the 2FA is stress-free and doesn’t take time. Once you are done setting up your password and username and you have successfully logged into your wallet. The next step is activating the 2FA. The 2FA is a third-party credential submission which is mostly a one-time password (OTP) or code that would be required for logging into your account. It’s a third-party credential because users use Google authenticator apps or SMS to receive this OTP most times. So, this means, for every login attempt, an OTP is generated to validate the login. Once the stipulated time elapses, the OTP expires, and another code is needed to validate the login. You can use either SMS to receive these OTPs or the Google authenticator; however, you should use the Google Authenticator app as it’s more secured and trusted.

Irrespective of the value of assets you have in your wallet, it’s advisable you activate the 2FA because anything could go wrong at any time. Before you opt for blockchain password recovery processes, it might have been too late. So, for you not to be in this situation, the 2FA is there as an extra layer of security to keep your asset safe. Recall that the crypto community is highly volatile; the volatility is in its price and the security of funds. Most cyber thefts focus on blockchain wallets with easy usernames and passwords, that is, those wallets without the 2FA. There’s a reason why the developers of your blockchain wallet have the 2FA security section available. It is to provide extra security for your funds. If you have $1000 worth of portfolio today, it could become $5000 in the next three days if you know your way around the crypto community. However, what happens if you’ve lost the $1000 2days before because you didn’t activate the 2FA?

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