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Who Can Become a Health Insurance Broker

The United Kingdom is home to various internationally renowned insurance firms and providers. In terms of size, the insurance industry in the United Kingdom is the largest in Europe and the fourth largest worldwide. It is responsible for investments worth a whopping £1.7 trillion.

Starting your own health insurance brokerage or being a part of this market as an individual health insurance broker can be extremely rewarding financially. Many people contact Healthplan, a successful health insurance broker in the UK.

Becoming a health insurance broker can be a challenging task. Many rules and hurdles will be in your path. This post will learn about the requirements and qualifications needed to become a health insurance broker.

Who is a health insurance broker?

Health insurance brokers assist people and businesses in locating the most cost-effective and suitable health care coverage by acting as a licenced, independent intermediary. PMI (private medical insurance) brokers are regulated by the FCA and offer unbiased healthcare advice. Insurance companies pay them directly, making purchasing health insurance easier.

What exactly does a health insurance broker do?

Buying health insurance on their own can be stressful for many people, so they seek professional help through an insurance broker. A competent broker will work within a budget and requirements, no matter how difficult they may be. A health insurance broker handles PMI policy applications from start to finish. When it comes to finding the best offer for their customer, they'll do everything, from gathering medical information to providing advice on the underwriting process.

A broker also establishes connections with other specialists, including underwriters, surveyors, photographers, and structural engineers, to get new clients and retain existing accounts against the competition.

What qualifications are required to work as an insurance broker?

Here are some requirements for success as a health insurance broker in the UK:


No specific degree is required for an insurance broker. However, you may find that a degree in accounting, finance, business, management, economics, or mathematics is particularly advantageous. On the other hand, employers are more concerned with your abilities and personality traits and what you can bring to the table.

Insurance knowledge and expertise

You need to gain valuable industry knowledge and expertise. This could be through direct employment with a Broker or Insurer or by affiliation with other firms that have equipped you with the amount of knowledge necessary to provide good and proper advice to your customers. If you work in an FCA-regulated industry, you must be able to establish a track record of providing service in your chosen field.

Technical know-how

While formal qualifications are not required (although they are certainly beneficial), it is crucial to demonstrate that you possess the knowledge necessary to provide technical advice to your customer to be considered competitive. Therefore, a reasonable level of technical and product knowledge is required.

Track record of sales

Previous experience dealing with insurance buyers is a must. Building a successful career as a health insurance broker will depend on your capacity to establish strong and trusted relationships with your target audience, as well as your ability to expand your customer base.

Awareness of the commercial market

To become a successful broker, you must have a fundamental understanding of the current market and industry trends. Mentoring and business support can be extremely beneficial to gather business acumen in the early stages.

Knowledge of regulatory compliance

Insurance is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Thus brokers must conduct their business legally and ethically. It is critical to be familiar with the FCA's requirements, regardless of whether you choose to become a Directly Authorized Representative or an Appointed Representative.

An extensive range of support services is available, including online training and development, industry organizations, and other resources to help you keep your expertise up to date and relevant. The Chartered Insurance Institute is an excellent place to begin your research.

Dedication and passion

To become a renowned broker, you will need to be determined and have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Although the rewards can be enormous, starting your journey is never simple. Like any new field, a significant amount of energy and time must be invested.

Who can become an insurance broker in the United Kingdom?

Since the insurance industry is certainly one of the most closely regulated globally, financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approval is required to advise, sell or arrange insurance in the United Kingdom (FCA).

Follow the below steps to become a broker:

  • Follow the FCA's rules, which include those pertaining to client money and assets, at all times (CASS).

  • Take a look at the FCA User's Guide.

  • Apply for an FCA license.

  • Obtain PRA application forms.

The Chartered Institute of Insurance (CII) offers the 'Certificate of Insurance,' widely regarded as the foundational certification for all insurance professionals in the United Kingdom. To become a registered insurance broker, one must first pass this certification exam.


The position of an insurance broker is essential in the insurance sector. Insurance Brokers are responsible for finding the correct insurer to meet the individual needs of their customers. They use their market knowledge to get the highest coverage at the most competitive price for their customers.

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