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What affects the cost of the transportation?

You have decided to assign the car transport to a company and you’re interested in how much money you will have to set aside for that service?

The basic price depends on the destination

When concluding an agreement, you’re obliged to tell the company’s representative where the car is located, as well as the address of the desired destination. The distance between these two places is one of the most important parameters that affects the price, and of course, the higher this number, expressed in miles, the more expensive the transport will be. The reason for this would be the same if you were driving your own car to the desired destination: it’s obvious that the fuel costs are higher on longer distances.

The final destination

When you decide to have your car transported, you can specify the place of unloading on the main routes, or parking in front of your house or office as your final destination. If you choose the first option, the price of transport is slightly lower, but you will also have additional costs to transport the car to the desired location on your own. If you specify the address of your house or your office as a final destination, it represents an additional cost for the company, which automatically means a slightly higher price, but it also means that you can be sitting at home and waiting for your car instead of breaking through the traffic jam and waiting for the green light at traffic lights.

The way you want your car transported

The classic mode of transportation – on open specialized truck bodies that can hold more cars is an option that requires the least money for you to set aside, but the delivery time is slightly longer. In case you want your car to be transported in a specialized closed trailer, the price is a bit higher, but the delivery time is shorter. In this case, the price depends on the brand, age and size of the vehicle and whether loading and unloading requires additional equipment, such as an elevator or a special crane designed for these types of loading and unloading. As a third option, the one that requires the most money is the delivery of your vehicle only, on the trailer to the desired address. The money you set aside for this option also guarantees that your car will be delivered in the shortest time possible.

Maybe you want a quick delivery? How much does it cost…

When we mentioned the deadlines in the part of the text that deals with the relationship between price and mode of the transport, we didn’t rule out the possibility that you are in a hurry and that you would like to get your car as quickly as possible. This is achievable, of course, but it also requires greater allocations from your budget, especially if it’s a matter of further destinations. If you were to drive the car on a longer distance on your own, it’s certain that you will have to take one to two, if not more breaks, and the company in such cases, hires at least two drivers who’d drive simultaneously, in order to deliver your car safely and at the desired time to the address which you have indicated.

Additional expenses

When arranging car transport, you must know that even if you drive alone, you would have to pay tolls, as well as taxes if you were crossing the border between two or more countries. These costs also affect the price of the transportation, and you must keep in mind that the amount of tolls is different on weekdays and holidays, so this cost is also affected by the choice of date when you want to start, as well as the duration of delivery. Transport during night-time is also more expensive, so the number of delivery days should be taken into account. When considering the number of days for which you want your car to arrive at the destination you have chosen, you must keep in mind that during the holidays the number of cars on the roads is significantly higher and transport takes longer time. Don’t forget that, if you were driving the car by yourself, in addition to the holiday jams on the roads, you would stay longer in the traffic during summertime as well, due to vacations.

The amount of insurance as an additional cost

In the part of the text where we talked about the mode of transport, we mentioned that the price is also influenced by the brand, age and value of the vehicle. This did not mean that the company evaluates your car and thus determines the transportation price, they in fact take care of the insurance. When concluding a car insurance contract, you have already been informed that it’s affected by the criteria we mentioned, and since the company takes the risks of transportation instead of you, then that brings a higher price. This is quite logical and it also represents a safety factor for you, if any unforeseen cases of damage occur.

How can you reduce the cost of transportation?

Having all of this in mind, you can combine your wishes and options that the company offers, thus make an acceptable transport price for you. Besides that, a way to save money is to be partialy responsible: you should show up exactly on scheduled time of delivery, so that your car doesn’t get taken to the warehouse instead of the address you specified, so that you don’t have to go to the warehouse to pick it up yourself, which would be an additional cost for you. Also, you must complete the payment for transport on due date, because any delay on your part makes the delivery of the car to the final destination even more expensive.

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