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'Virgin River' Season 6 Update: Series' Release May Be Delayed? Showrunner Provides Shocking News

Patrick Sean Smith provides an update on when filming "Virgin River" Season 6 will finally begin and when the new installment may air.

The current SAG-AFTRA strike hampered the production of “Virgin River” Season 6, as no stars could begin filming until the strike was resolved. With both the authors' and actors' strikes over, the writers' room has reopened, and the cast members may begin filming soon. Thankfully, showrunner Patrick Sean Smith provides an update on when filming will finally begin and when the new season may air.

Will ‘Virgin River’ Season 6 Premiere In 2024?

Patrick Sean Smith added, per Glamour, that while they don't yet have a precise date for the start of filming for “Virgin River” Season 6, everyone is already planning the schedule. He then suggested that it may happen as soon as tomorrow. However, he seems to have hinted that it will eventually happen next year.

“We don’t have an exact date yet, but I know that everybody is working towards trying to get us back in front of the cameras as quickly as possible. But as to when that is next year, I don’t know yet,” he said.

When asked if viewers would have to wait until 2025 to see new episodes, he pledged to try his "darnedest" not to. However, it is feasible that “Virgin River” Season 6 will premiere on television in 2024.

Smith stated in a separate interview with Deadline that “Virgin River” Season 6 will begin production in the first half of 2024. Alexandra Breckenridge, the series' lead star, also informed the source that production will "hopefully" begin in the spring of that year.

"We’re going to start as soon as the Vancouver weather allows. So hopefully, in the spring, is what I’ve been hearing,” she said.

What Can Fans Expect From ‘Virgin River’ Season 6?

Among the various cliffhangers in the current “Virgin River” Season 5 Part 2, Mel's father arriving at her door to say he has something vital to tell her stands out. When questioned if it had anything to do with his health, Smith said that this discovery may have an impact on Mel's relationship with her father in “Virgin River” Season 6.

It would also have an impact on his potential relationship with the town and its residents. Smith went on to say that this aspect of the tale would be woven into Mel's season arc as well as the lives of the other characters. Furthermore, he hinted that Mel and Jack's wedding is "something down the road," as is their path through parenting.

It may be a while until “Virgin River” Season 6 hits the small screen, but fans will be patiently waiting. With the huge surprises on the way, the wait will undoubtedly be worthwhile.

Stay tuned for more “Virgin River” Season 6 spoilers, news, and updates!

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