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Unique Jobs that Require an MBA Degree

Choosing what career you will pursue is often a source of stress and anxiety for many students. It can be hard to imagine what you see yourself doing the rest of your life, and what will keep you happy and feeling challenged. A good start to your future career is to enroll in the Rutgers Online masters in business administration online program, as this is a great way to ensure that careers are open to you.

Here we will take a look at the more unique and perhaps lesser known jobs that you can use your online MBA degree in.

Entertainment or Talent Agent

This is a career path that isn’t quick to pop into most people’s minds as they graduate from their MBA program. However, in order to be an entertainment or talent agent you need to also have some business knowledge. In this role, you will be representing professional writers, actors, artists, performers, athletes, and/or musicians. It's your job to look after their best interests and you typically act as the point of contact between the employer and your client.

Professional Fundraiser

If you’re the type that wants to use your degree to really make a difference in the world then you may want to consider becoming a professional fundraiser. You can choose to work for a non-profit organization and make it your job to get funding for their initiatives. This can be a very tough and challenging job, as you have to be quite creative when it comes to fundraising initiatives. At the same time this job can be highly rewarding. Your business background will surely help you succeed in this role.

Hotel Manager

For those who would like a chance to see the world and live in another country, why not use your MBA degree to secure a job as a hotel manager. You can obviously choose to manage a hotel near you, or you can choose to venture outside your comfort zone. Again, your background in business will help you to succeed in this position. A career as a hotel manager can be quite fast-paced with new challenges all the time. This is even more evident if you manage a large property.

PR Specialist

Do you excel in communication skills? If so, then a career as a PR specialist might be the right job for you. In this position it will be your job to create a public image for the company/brand you are working for. This means putting together a press/public relations plan of media releases, official statements, etc. You may choose to work for a large company or act as an independent specialist taking on a variety of clients.

Many Options to Choose From

Of course this is just a very small snippet of what you can do with your MBA degree. What makes the MBA degree so ideal is that it doesn’t specialize in any one thing; instead, it provides you with a strong backbone in business knowledge allowing you to apply that knowledge to various career paths.

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