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Travel Guide Lofoten

Lofoten is a popular travel destination, and if you like beautiful nature, it’s the perfect place for your next vacation. If you wonder what you should do while staying at this wonderful place, you can get some tips below.

Activities in Lofoten

There are so many things to do when on vacation that it´s often hard to know where to start. Read our list of suggested activities here:

Mountain climbing

One thing that Lofoten is famous for is the spectacular nature with tipped mountains and the beautiful ocean. There are several mountains to climb in Lofoten, and we suggest Ryten and Mannen. Both of these give you a great view over Lofoten and are perfect places to watch the sun go down.

Go to the beach

If the mountains weren’t enough, Lofoten also offers beautiful beaches. There are several places to go if you want to feel the white sand between your toes, but make sure to go there when the weather isn’t too bad. Uttakleivstranda and Unstad are two great options. Unstad is also a perfect place to try surfing.

Try fishing

Lofoten is probably most famous for fishing, both catching fish and production and, of course, the fishing cabins. So, it´s inevitable not to try fishing when staying there. You can book a fishing tour with a local guide to experience the famous Lofotfiske, or you can rent a boat and try it all by yourself.

5 facts about Norway and Norwegians

In terms of travelling in Norway, there are several things you should know about the Nordic country and the people living there.

  1. Norwegians are shy

Compared to several other people, Norwegians are really shy. You don´t just walk up to a stranger and start a conversation with them. You can try, but don´t expect them to be all chatty.

  1. Say Hi when taking a hike

If you´re going to climb a mountain or take a hike in the beautiful Norwegian woods, you are required to greet. This is basically a contradiction to the paragraph above, but it’s essential. You´re going to get peculiar looks if you just pass by and don´t say anything.

  1. Norwegians love buns

If you´re travelling around in Norway and stop at a gas station, you´re obliged to buy buns. Buns are the number one road trip snack, besides chocolate-covered wafer bars.

  1. Norway is an expensive place

Even though Norway is a well-maintained country, it’s costly to travel in. So make sure to bring enough money, because everything from hotel and food to experiences and tobacco costs a lot of money.

  1. Norwegians go to Sweden to shop

Due to the high prices, many Norwegians go to Sweden on harrytur to buy meat, candy, alcohol, and tobacco. It’s considered a tradition to go on a harrytur.


If you were unsure whether Lofoten and Norway was the right place to go, we hope this article has convinced you. Norway is a beautiful place with spectacular scenery, and Lofoten is a favourite destination for many. The prices are a bit high, so make sure to bring enough money. We’re sure you will feel the Norwegian culture grow on you while staying there. And, don´t forget to buy buns if you´re going on a road trip, to Sweden for instance.

Safe travels!

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