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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Online Divorce Company

Divorce is a significant decision that concerns the lives of two people profoundly. Walking away from your life and beginning anew is not easy. The only way to put an end to all the hassles and tussles of a hectic, uncompromising marriage is to get a divorce. But how intricate and complicated is divorce? Are there ways it could be made simpler? We will explore the complex nature of the divorce system and how to ease the process.

For those not in favor of wasting excess money on lawyers, online divorce is a flourishing option. It's a time-saving mechanism in which you won't have to sacrifice time and money that you can't afford. The website is simple to use. You merely have to verify your eligibility to file a divorce online. While online portals serve as a time-saving and easy-to-use tool, when hiring an online divorce firm to help prepare for your divorce, some mistakes need to be avoided.


Google, Google, Google, and Google

Your favorite search engine can be used to find lots of things, including reputable online divorce companies that offer services in your area. But not all online divorce companies are safe and reliable. The truth is that the internet is full of scammers. To avoid being taken for a ride or overpaying for subpar services, do some research. Check out reviews for the different sites and study their history. Choose an established company with a long, proven track record of success.

Not Knowing the Fundamentals

While online divorce provides a sense of automation to the divorce process, it is still essential to understand the divorce process. Divorce is fragmented into several phases:

  • Choose the right approach.

  • Select the proper forms.

  • Complete the paperwork.

  • Sign and File the paperwork.

  • Serve your spouse.

  • Schedule a final hearing.

  • Get your divorce decree.

Before moving forward with a divorce, you need to decide which approach is best for the situation.

There are two main types of divorce: Contested Divorce and Uncontested Divorce.

As the names suggest, a contested divorce is when there are disputes between the spouses, and an uncontested divorce is when both spouses are in full agreement.

Online divorce services are only available for an uncontested divorce. So before using an online divorce service, you’ll have to negotiate a settlement with your spouse. Depending on your situation, it may include property division, child custody, and alimony, among other things.

In many cases, an uncontested divorce allows a couple to forego the hassle and expense of hiring attorneys. Online divorce services will make the paperwork part easy, affordable, and fast.

Contested cases can be very complicated, requiring several court trips, making the divorce lengthy and costly. It is always recommended to hire an attorney when going through an uncontested divorce to protect your interests.

Therefore, before beginning your online divorce, ensure that you and your partner resolve all contiguous problems and can agree to an uncontested divorce.

How Does Online Divorce Work?

After settling all issues with your divorce and selecting a reliable online divorce service, you can move forward with the process. Online divorce is a straightforward process.

1) Test of eligibility

The first thing any online divorce site will do is verify that you are eligible for the service. You’ll be asked a few questions to confirm that you qualify. The main requirements are that your case is uncontested, you know where your spouse is located, and you meet the residency requirements for your state.

2) Detailed questionnaire

Each divorce has distinct circumstances that can affect which forms are needed. Properly completing the correct forms for your case is crucial to achieving the desired outcome. To ensure that the online divorce service does everything correctly, they will have you complete a detailed questionnaire about your case. Questions will include the date and place of the wedding, contact and personal information about all parties involved, including children, and basic divorce details (property, debt, custody, etc.). The section also includes information about who will serve as the applicant. (Note: The plaintiff is the person who files a divorce case). Be prepared to answer questions about the division of property and debts, revenue sources, employment, etc.

3) Receive your completed forms

Using the information you provided in the questionnaire, the online divorce service will select and complete the documents for your case. You'll be asked to pay a service charge for the document preparation. The amount can vary from $139 - $1500 depending on the service and site chosen.

Better sites usually have your documents ready within a couple of business days and include instructions for filing. At this point, some couples choose to have the paperwork reviewed by an attorney to be safe. Many online divorce services also offer a court acceptance guarantee. If the court doesn’t accept the paperwork for some reason, the service will allow you to make corrections for free, and some will even provide a full refund.

4) Filing the document

Filing with the court is the last step in the online divorce process. Before filing the original documents with the court, you should make two copies of each document (one for you and one for your spouse). Make sure that everything is signed and notarized.

When submitting the documents to the court, you will be asked to pay a filing charge. The court will recognize your papers and stamp them with a case number upon paying the fee, formally beginning the divorce process.

Go for the Good Ones

To facilitate finding a reputable online divorce business, we conducted reviews. We rated the stop sites, considering price, speed, accuracy, customer satisfaction, ease of use, and reliability. Based on our research, we have come up with a list of trustworthy providers.


• LegalZoom

• 3StepDivorce

• Divorce Writer


• Rocket Lawyer

• and LegalZoom provide users with overall satisfactory performance based on user ratings in terms of speed, value, simplicity, assistance, and clarification of state laws. 3StepDivorce was described as the fastest processor of all of them, while Divorce Writer provided customers with a better value. Users have described as being comfortable and reliable. Rocket Lawyer and give a better sense of legal assistance and a clear summary of state laws.


This is the last common mistake made when opting for a web company for online divorce. All of us have friends who belong to the fellowship of the law. Everyone either is a lawyer or knows a lawyer. Don’t employ a lawyer only because of contacts or familiarity. Go for someone who is a specialist in divorce law if you are going to seek legal assistance.

There are many good reasons for using a lawyer’s services, including in an uncontested situation. Consultation with actual attorneys will enable you to avoid the possible casualties of scams and data leaks to the internet. Moreover, if any obstacles stand in the way, it also gives some time for reconciliation. By having all documents reviewed by a lawyer before filing, you can avoid any potential mistakes. You will keep the legal costs down and ensure your divorce’s success by micromanaging the lawyer’s role for only the most critical tasks.

It is estimated that clients will save $2000 or more by using online divorce sites instead of attorneys for paperwork preparation. Good online divorce sites are affordable, quick, reliable, and user-friendly. They also offer the provision of a refund if the documents are rejected by the court.

If users have any concerns during the process, many of the websites also provide outstanding customer support. The service can be used anywhere you have an internet connection, on any device (phone, tablet, computer). Digital divorce has made it easier to get a divorce.


It can be challenging to find the right divorce attorney, particularly when trying to recover emotionally from your marriage ending. Irrespective of the attorney's practice area, the mistakes described above could occur if not careful. It could leave you feeling unable to know where to turn when you are in the midst of a life-altering situation, such as divorce.

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