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‘The Promised Neverland’ chapter 275: The message from the Imperial Capital

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“The Promised Neverland” chapter 275 might reveal a massive change to the demon’s society. Just as Emma and the children were about to leave Grace Field, they received an announcement from the Imperial Capital that might likely affect their plans.

‘The Promised Neverland’ chapter 274 recap

In the latest “The Promised Neverland” manga chapter, which can be read on MangaPlus, Peter Ratri chose to end his own life. But as he lay there dying, he was surprised that Emma and the other kids still attempted to save him.

“Don’t bother, I’m done,” Peter said in his mind. “The new world you are about to create is too bright for me.”

Isabella asked Emma what she plans to do next now that Peter Ratri is dead. The latter said that they’ll retreat for now because there are still 2,000 Imperial soldiers that need to be dealt with.

But what Emma said next surprised Isabella. “Let’s go to the human world,” Emma told Isabella. “Once everything is over, you should come with us.”

Emma recalled his encounter with Him where she negotiated a new Promise to replace the existing one negotiated by Julius Ratri a thousand years ago. “I want all the children to go to the human world,” Emma demanded back then. “All means the children who grew up too.”

She told Isabella and the sisters of the deal she made. In fact, she’s inviting every human from the other farms to go back to the human world as well.

The sisters and Isabella were speechless as they could not almost believe that they would be forgiven by the children. “I’m sorry and thank you, everyone,” Isabella broke down crying.

Isabella said that she’ll deal with the matter in Grace Field. At the moment, the Ratri clan is not yet aware of their rebellion so they still have some time to tie up the loose ends.

But just as Emma and the kids were about to leave Grace Field, something unexpected happened outside. The 2,000 Imperial soldiers started to leave the premises and headed toward the outer bridge.

Someone started to freak out thinking that they must be waiting for reinforcements to attack them. However, someone else started to notice something on the monitor – a message from the Imperial Capital to all citizens.

‘The Promised Neverland’ chapter 275 speculations

Unfortunately, the chapter ended without revealing what the content of the message was. But one can assume that the matter must be of utmost importance for the Imperial announcement to be broadcasted to everyone.

Previously, Leuvis and Palvus appeared in the Royal Capital just as Sonju and Mujika were about to be executed. It is possible that the contents of the announcement which will be revealed in “The Promised Neverland” chapter 275 might be somehow connected to Leuvis revelation about the secrets of Mujika’s blood.

“The Promised Neverland” chapter 275 will be released on April 12 on MangaPlus.

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