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The Checklist: What You Will Need for Hassle-Free Holidays in 2021

It is always exciting to be heading out the door on a holiday adventure but many of us often head to the airport with a bit of a nagging doubt that we might have forgotten something that we will need.

Avoid the hassle with a checklist that covers the essentials and can be ticked off once you know they are in your travel bag. Whether it is making sure you have packed the right clothes or included blotting paper in your makeup travel bag, it makes sense to write out a list of what you need.

List your documents and other essential information

There are certain items that you have to have if you want to be able to travel and turning up at the airport without your passport, for instance, is a recipe for disaster.

Make a list of all of the essential items such as passport, airline tickets, credit cards that you will need for your trip.

In addition, it is always a good idea to make a secure note of your reservation numbers and airline ticket details so that you have that information if you need to get help when you can’t find the original documents.

Pack for the right holiday

If you are going on a family vacation your travel checklist is going to be a lot more extensive than if you are heading off for a romantic getaway for two.

Take the stress out of packing by listing what you usually need for your kids, such as changing bags, medicines, comfort toys or blankets, and anything else that could raise the stress levels if you haven’t packed them.

A beach holiday calls for things like insect repellants, whereas an exploring trip means hiking boots and water bottles, for instance.

Take a moment to think about where you are going and make your list so that you only take what is appropriate.

Think about health requirements

You now have to make sure you have the right vaccinations and documentation to be able to travel to certain destinations.

Post-pandemic travel has made things a bit more challenging for all of us but it is not a problem if you are organized and do the groundwork to check what you need well in advance of traveling.

Check the entry requirements for your chosen destination at least two months before you go, if possible. That will give you plenty of time to get any tests done or apply for any paperwork that will be needed when you arrive at your destination.

Make a checklist that is specifically for Covid-related requirements and make sure you follow a timeline that counts down to the date you plan to travel. That means checking updated travel advice and procedures in the months and weeks beforehand.

Knowing that you have everything packed that you need and ticked off all the boxes when it comes to the latest health regulations will ensure that you head to the airport with confidence. Knowing everything on your checklist is sorted will then allow you to focus on having a great holiday rather than stressing about what you forgot to do or pack.

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