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‘The Blacklist’ season 7 episode 11 release date, speculations: Aram Mojtabai might track Katarina, Ressler’s secret about to be exposed

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Fans have been waiting for the arrival of “The Blacklist” season 7 episode 11 for more than two months now since the last episode dropped on December 13, 2019. The good news is that NBC finally announced when the show will be coming back. The bad news is that fans will still have to endure more than a month of waiting.

‘The Blacklist’ season 7 episode 11 release date

Previously, EconoTimes reported that the show will return by March 2020 but there was no definite return date announced yet at that time. Thankfully, NBC recently clarified when the seventh season’s second part will be returning to the small screen.

“The Blacklist” season 7 episode 11 release date is on March 20, 2020, CarterMatt reported. Henceforth, new episodes of the series will be airing on Fridays at the network’s 8:00 p.m. Eastern time slot.

Aram Mojtabai could help locate Katarina

Liz’s mother, Katarina Rostova, is one of the most elusive characters in the series. Fans have been speculating that she might still be alive for the longest time before it was finally confirmed in “The Blacklist” season 6 episode 22 “Robert Diaz” that she’s living in Paris.

This means that she really knows how to remain undetected if she wants to. Now that Reddington believes her to be dead, she will have more reason to stay under the radar and it will be almost impossible to track her.

Thankfully, the team has the perfect man for the job. The tech genius Aram Mojtabai is probably the only person who “can pull up data on anyone if there’s something to find,” according to CarterMatt.

But the problem is that only Liz seems to be aware that Katarina is still alive at the moment. Unfortunately, Liz isn’t exactly willing to share that info with the team just yet.

It’s probably because Katarina specifically told her not to breathe a word about her. “I can’t be on his side,” Liz said in the promo clip. “I’m ready to tell him the truth, my mother isn’t.”

Ressler’s little secret

Meanwhile, it has been teased a while back that Donald Ressler has been keeping a secret. The exciting thing is that it will all be revealed in the second half of “The Blacklist” season 7, whatever it may be.

“It’s safe to say, Ressler might be sitting on a little secret of his own, and we’ll be digging that up in the back half of this season,” series creator Jon Bokenkamp teased, according to Cinema Blend.

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