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Tesla Cybertruck Owner Showcases Electric Cooler, Full Owner's Manual Revealed Online

Tesla Cybertruck owner runs electric cooler using truck bed outlet, showcasing its practical use.

A Tesla Cybertruck owner highlights an electric cooler run by the truck's bed outlet, demonstrating its utility. Additionally, the Tesla Cybertruck owner’s manual has been revealed, providing comprehensive specifications and user information.

Tesla Cybertruck Owner Demonstrates Electric Cooler Powered by Truck Bed Outlet, Highlights Versatility and Efficiency

In a post on the Cybertruck Owner's Club forum on June 16, user fsd_adv_family shared images of a newly purchased Igloo 80DZ Electric Cooler from Costco connected to the pickup's bed. According to Teslarati, the electric cooler is equipped with discrete temperature-controlled compartments, one of which can be made cold enough to function as a freezer, and it consumes only 0.2 kW of power, according to the owner.

“Totally unnecessary but totally worth it, I bought the Igloo 80DZ Electric Cooler from Costco,” the user wrote in the post. “Uses very little power and keeps food cold and colder with dual zone temps. Highly recommend.”

Tesla's owner's manual for the Cybertruck contains a comprehensive description of the electrical outlets of the cargo bed. The manual specifies that the receptacle panel includes a 240-volt outlet with a maximum draw of 40 amps and two 120-volt power outlets with a maximum draw of 20 amps.

Users can easily activate the power in the receptacles by accessing the Controls and Receptacles & Mods menus, which provide the capability to toggle power to each outlet. The touchscreen displays the energy consumed, as demonstrated in the above example.

Tesla's truck bed power receptacles were initially observed in an appearance just weeks before the Cybertruck's official delivery event in November. The retrieval was also introduced with a bidirectional charging system, PowerShare, that can generate up to 30 kWh of energy per day.

Comprehensive Tesla Cybertruck Owner's Manual Released Online, Early Deliveries Highlight Key Features

In a January report, the Tesla Cybertruck owner's manual, which contains comprehensive specifications and information regarding the recently introduced electric pickup, has been available online.

Although Tesla has not disclosed the Cyruckto beer's manual, a few early deliveries have been made recently. T Sportline shared a video that showcased the entire owner's manual for Tesla's most recent electric vehicle (EV) as part of an ongoing series of Cybertruck coverage. This video provides a comprehensive overview of the truck.

The channel refers to the 38-minute YouTube coverage as the "world's most boring video" due to its tedious nature, which includes a slow scroll through the entire manual. Brian hosts the video with a brief introduction visually representing Cybertruck's manual when operating with software version 2023.44.9.

Tesla also initiated deliveries of the Cybertruck to non-employees, following the gradual distribution of initial units to a select number of employees and celebrities since its November delivery event last year. The Cybertruck has also made numerous public appearances. Although countless individuals have provided glimpses of the EV's user interface (UI), this video includes the owner's manual.

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