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Sudoku Is Good For Allaying Your Inflation Anxiety

Unfortunately, there has been a rise in the number of people suffering from mental health issues like anxiety these days. The ongoing pandemic caused all sorts of problems, and it has had a damaging impact on many people’s physical and mental well-being. Due to the spread of the deadly virus, people have been forced to stay indoors, and many people have found themselves unemployed. Economy experts are worried about how long it will take for things to improve, which has left many people feeling uneasy.

There are lots of things people do to avoid experiencing feelings of anxiety. Some people have to avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine, others need to try and get a better night’s sleep, while others take prescription medication to help with the problem, but some of these drugs have harmful side effects and sometimes people find themselves becoming addicted. However, there are safer ways to manage anxiety instead of using medication. Some people have had great success playing puzzles like Sudoku.

Why are People Worried about Inflation?

Very few people predicted that we were going to experience a pandemic in our lifetime. The world was not prepared for what has happened, and it left many people worrying about the future. The United States is suffering badly, and it is finding it very difficult to come out of the deepest recession in its history. In the Spring of 2020, Donal Trump’s administration promised $3 trillion to help families, the unemployed, and businesses who are finding it difficult to stay afloat. Since the Biden administration took over, they too have added another $1.9 trillion to help these unfortunate people. A lot of people who had steady jobs for many years managed to lose their position almost overnight.

People are really worried in America at the moment, and with record-low interest rates, and stock prices on the rise, it's not surprising that so many people have inflation anxiety. Plenty of families are terrified that they will fall behind, especially if the cost of everyday items starts to rise.

How can Brain Games Like Sudoku Help?

Unfortunately, you can’t play a game of Sudoku at home and all of a sudden your financial worries are behind you, but there are several advantages to playing one of the world’s most popular brain teaser games.

If you experience feelings of anxiety now and again, it might be worth playing a game of Sudoku. It might sound like a strange way of lowering feelings of anxiety and stress, but a recent study showed that problem solving works really well. The study was carried out and printed in the Cerebral Cortex. Further research took place at the Duke University by experts who studied peoples’ brain activity while participants tried to solve different mathematical problems. The math problems that each of the participants were given were straightforward, and it showed that each time they completed one of the problems they would feel satisfied. Because it felt like a reward, it would make people forget about the negative thoughts in their heads. By replacing negative thoughts with feelings of success can help reduce the feelings of anxiety.

Sudoku can make People feel Satisfied

Finishing the puzzle can give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, which is exactly what a person wants to feel when they are experiencing feelings of anxiety. Because not all Sudoku games are on the same level, people can keep on challenging themselves. When they complete a difficult game, they will often feel even more satisfied than completing an easier game. It allows people to challenge themselves and helps distract them from financial problems and other issues in their life.

The game helps people to discover different things about themselves. Once a grid is completed, many people feel motivated to try and play a new game. A lot of folks suffering from anxiety struggle to find motivation, so playing a game like Sudoku can help them feel like they are prepared to take on new challenges. Plenty of people find the game can help change their frame of mind, which can help both their mental and physical health.

Sudoku can Help Improve a Person’s Concentration

When a person is suffering from anxiety, they can find it hard to concentrate because they are often so wrapped up in things that might go wrong in their life. To complete a game of Sudoku, you need to concentrate on the puzzle. If you are not fully focused on the game, you’ll probably find yourself feeling frustrated because you will have to keep on going back to the same square if you want to make progress. This helps you to train your brain to focus on the game. Learning this skill can be taken out into the real world, and it can help people avoid being distracted by negative thoughts.

The more Sudoku games you play, the better you will get at keeping your concentration. If you are looking for a new job, or you want to study a new subject, being able to focus on the task will help you succeed. There are plenty of apps and sites on the web that allows people to play Sudoku such as Logic Lovely. Some of these sites even allow people to print Sudoku puzzles.

Sudoku can help Stimulate the Brain

A lot of folks with anxiety feel their brain is not stimulated. When your brain is not stimulated, the likelihood of negative thoughts filling your head is a lot higher. This can make people feel depressed, which can cause all sorts of issues.

Many people look at Sudoku as a way of exercising the brain. It’s almost like bringing your brain to the gym. As we all know, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need to exercise on a regular basis, and many experts feel we should do the same thing for our brains. But, instead of going for a run on a treadmill, we should play brain teaser games like Sudoku.

When a person is feeling anxious, trying to think logically is almost impossible. However, to play Sudoku, you are required to think logically. Experts believe we should use logic to battle feelings of anxiety. A lot of people with anxiety fail to understand logic, so playing the game is a great way of getting your head around these negative thoughts.


Whatever religion, race, gender, or age you are, anybody can play Sudoku. Even if you can’t think logically due to anxiety, the game might help you to start thinking without all those worrying thoughts running around inside your head.

During these unprecedented times, not everyone can afford to spend money on a trip to the psychologist, so why not give Sudoku a try. There is a wide range of Sudoku books readily available in most bookstores and there are plenty of options on the web, many of which are free. Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety, it is a great game to take your mind off the stresses of life. If Sudoku isn’t for you, there are plenty of other brain teaser games which you might enjoy! The rules of the game are easy to get the hang of, but mastering it can take an entire lifetime.

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