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Sterling Pacific Shares Why Quality Luggage Is Important While Traveling

Established in 1907 in Reno, Nevada by the Herz family, Sterling Pacific is a company with a rich history. Today, they are highly regarded for their luggage, specifically their patented, top-of-the-line, two-wheel full-aluminum flagship models. The company offers full-service repairs & replacements on all of its products through their Reno Service Center. Sterling Pacific understands the importance of utilizing high quality luggage when travelling and look to offer some tips and guidance to travelers.

Sterling Pacific’s Durable Luggage

Sterling Pacific understands that durable luggage and a durable & functional design are imperative for the frequent traveler. As a result, their travel cases come in two sizes, the 35L Cabin Travel Case and the 80L Check-In Case. The specifications for both cases are:

  • Full 5052 Aluminum Case with Impact Bearing Ridges

  • Reinforced A380 Aluminum Corners

  • A380 Aluminum Wheel Housings

  • A380 Aluminum Trolley Housing

  • Retractable Full-Aluminum Trolley

  • Italian Full-Grain Leather Handles

  • Extruded 6063 Aluminum Frame

  • Dual Thru Axle Wheels

  • TSA Double Combination Latch Locks

Each travel case is TSA approved and is built rugged to endure long flights and handling. Regular luggage often consists of weak points, especially in the corners, but the Sterling Pacific travel cases have been reinforced with die cast A380 Aluminum. Each suitcase comes with manufacturer’s warranty and support through the full-service repair center.

Fabric Luggage is Losing Appeal

Fabric luggage is no longer commonly preferred for frequent travelers. Fabric luggage tends to be flimsy, has low quality, and a low life cycle. Though most fabric luggage has a plastic lining, it is significantly more susceptible to water damage than its hard-shell counterparts. In the unfortunate situation that water does successfully penetrate through the fabric luggage, personal belongings can be permanently ruined, especially technological devices.

Furthermore, fabric luggage is often untimely damaged by rips or tears. Rips and tears are common amongst fabric bags. Tears frequently happen around the straps, but they can also occur near the wheels. When a bag is ripped during travel, which is the most likely occurrence, the luggage contents can fall out, or worst-case scenario, the luggage may become unusable. Either of these issues can delay travel time and potentially cause missed flights or trains.

Backpacks are another type of fabric bag that is often not preferred. Not only are backpacks susceptible to stains, damage, and rips, but they can also draw attention from potential pick-pocketers. Both experienced and inexperienced travelers will often forget to place locks on their backpacks. This can be an extremely easy target for a pick-pocketer if a wallet, phone, or other valuables are located within the backpack.

Traveling with Quality Luggage

Quality luggage can protect the traveler’s personal belongings in a safely secured compartment. An aluminum case is often recommended for travelers because the risk of water damage, rips, and tears are low. The travel cases are often rigid and rugged, and there is a low possibility of being targeted by a pick-pocketer.

Another advantage that some luggage designs offer is ergonomic features. The ergonomic baggage designs typically include axle-style wheels and extendable handles.

Secure latches are also a very important part of any piece of luggage. Latches that are not made from quality material can easily break or be picked. Travel case latches can be made from a variety of different materials, but well-constructed locks are typically a metal combination style lock.

Baggage Policy

Some people prefer to exclusively use carry-on luggage to fit in the overhead compartment to avoid additional baggage fees. If your belongings can fit into one hard-shelled carry-on case, this will eliminate a portion of the wait lines at the airport.

For this type of luggage, the dimensions need to be exact. Off-brand luggage is sometimes off by an inch. Despite this being an extremely small difference, it could result in your carry-on bag needing to be checked. Assuring that your bag dimensions are built to comply with airline requirements and TSA requirements is critical.

About Sterling Pacific

Sterling Pacific was established in 1907 by the Herz family of German origin. Hailing from Leipzig, Germany, the Herz family spent time plying their trade in various European cities, including Dresden, Vienna, Budapest, and London, before eventually crossing the Atlantic Ocean and permanently settling in Reno, Nevada. Initially focused on crafting fine, upscale jewelry and top-quality watches, the company founded by the Herz family gradually cemented its place as a pillar of the Reno-area community and a true pioneer of early Nevada society. As time passed, the company adopted the banner Sterling Pacific, a name it still proudly bears to this day. Today, Sterling Pacific constructs and distributes premium full-aluminum luggage to discerning customers the world over after receiving a capital injection from Galton Voysey, a global company that invests in iconic brands.

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