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Sports News for Formula 1 Fans

Those who are fans of Formula 1 will know that the races and seasons in 2019 have provided several talking points and included cheers as well as disappointments. The big news of this year was Lewis Hamilton who managed to bag the sixth title of world champion in this field. Ferrari launched another campaign in 2019 but not that successful while Max Verstappen showcased the potential for the future, especially in bagging a title.

The Highlight of the Year – Lewis Hamilton

The year 2019 has been undoubtedly the best in his career. He is now a single title shy of winning the record of holding the world championship held by Michael Schumacher. His contract with the Mercedes Company would end in 2020 and in an interview he stated that this season had been his best, of the decorated career that he had, both on as well as of the circuit. Being 34 of age, he reflects on the stunning season he had in Paris especially. At the awards ceremony organised by FIA, he pointed out that 2019 had been most rewarding for his career and it was an accomplishment that his team helped in as well.

The season was concluded at Abu Dhabi recently, where Hamilton won the race, the 11th one in the campaign and of his career in racing, it was the 84th win. There are many sports betting fans that have made wins as their bets soar on these races at different online casinos. Today sports booking enthusiasts can also indulge in other games such as trying their hands at slots at

Though wins had always been there for Lewis behind the wheel, it was other life events of the tracks that made 2019 more special. He states that the reasons were that the season continued strong and he was able to find more reasons to be happy. These were contributed by factors such as team collaboration, teamwork as well as doors opening up in fashion whereby he was able to provide inspiration and ideas that were well accepted. He now has 2020 left with Mercedes with whom he can choose to continue or end that and take up a fresh challenge with the Ferrari company.

Red Bull and Their 2020 Challenge

The company’s chief of motorsport, Helmut Marko states that his team would be moving onto 2020 in better form. They would be mounting the title challenge in the new season though till now their challenges to Mercedes have not seen success. The company has been in the races since hybrid engines were introduced, in the year 2014. Honda acts as their engine and team partner and the progress made this company has raised their hopes that their driver, Max Verstappen, would be able to take on the title challenge 2020 against Lewis Hamilton.

Marko added that Verstappen and Honda are in top condition to contend in the upcoming 2020 races. The team is about two weeks ahead of schedule they are following. He also admits that another slow start to the racing circuits would cost much but look back over the years, he points out how the company has remained competitive in events such as the Grand Prix in Spain which is usually fifth race of any new season. Last rounds of this season saw the team winning three races. These were in different countries, Brazil, Germany and Austria, and they were all by Verstappen.

The company has formed a collaboration with Honda since last year. They have made significant progress in engine performance of the cars, but probably there is more to add to them if they are to measure up to the performance yardsticks created by Ferrari and Mercedes. Honda is hoping to close the gap in the new year.

Verstappen’s Career

He made all the victories for Red Bull this year and finished third overall in championship titles behind Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, his teammate from Briton. He is hopeful of competing in the championships as the season starts in the new year. He is pleased with the praise he received from several sides, something that has fuelled his dream of bagging the title in 2020.

If history is seen, there have been a total of 32 different people to hold the championship title over decades, ever since the series was started in the year 1950. The list includes some of the greatest talents that the sport has seen. Lewis Hamilton has now been added to this list and in his accomplishments; he surpassed Juan Manuel Fangio as well as close in surpassing Michael Schumacher as well. The inaugural position was held by Guiseppe Farina of Italy in 1950 but the first decade proved to be that of Fangio’s. The Argentine won it five times and over seven seasons.

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