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Smart Technological Investments that Reap High ROI

It pretty much goes without saying that when it comes to digital and content marketing, a wide plethora of newer technologies have flooded the market in the past few years. Now only has this made it easier for a lot of companies to expand their businesses like never before, but the fact that many mechanical aspects within the companies are also made a lot easier in the process.

Now that we’ve gotten the aspect of technology out of the way, the most important aspect to address is the fact that when it comes down to installing a good CRM, Salesforce is a great option, but one certainly has to consider the option of a salesforce cost as well. Now that we’ve gotten the aspect of technology out of the way, the most important aspect to address is the fact that when it comes down to technological upgrades in general, focusing on the specific ones that will help you company at large is the key here.

Hence, let us talk about the smart technological investments that will help you reap a high ROI:-

  • The aspect of Quality Analysis: Quality Analysis (QA) Solutions in general are used to keep an eye on the sheer quality of the interactions between advisors and customers. This software enables you to build a scorecard which can be used to score your advisors, thus identifying trends and dealing with any problems areas that may come up.

    In this regard, the time that you would usually spend monitoring calls will be significantly reduced, plus advisors will be a lot more engaged than ever before, This, by itself, will lead to a significant increase in overall customer satisfaction.
  • A Unified Advisor Desktop Software: This basically pulls customer data together from various systems and sources alike to make it easily digestible into a single advisor view. Once thee communication channels in the same application have been thoroughly consolidated, advisors will be able to navigate multiple systems easily.

    Besides reducing advisor overtime by a good 40%, things become a lot easier for both the advisor and customer concerned. Plus, there is also the fact that since the workforce has been resolved to a considerable degree, you will be able to reallocate resources where it is more necessary.
  • LED Lights: This may sound rather strange at first, but it is a given that you company will increase in size and market value. Being one of the most energy-efficient options as of today, it pretty much goes without saying that they are more expensive than most other lighting options out there.

    Having said that, most people don’t realise the fact that in the long run eventually, these lights use only 20-25% of the energy, plus they also end up lasting 20-25 times longer than most of the traditional bulb options out there. Apart from reduced electricity usage, you will also spend less money on replacement and maintenance since LED bulbs have a longer life expectancy.

When it comes down to these five insights, the level at which your ROI will increase over the months and years depends mainly upon the willingness to act on all of the insights as well as the work carried out by the advisers. That is for sure.

Ultimately, one needs to make sure that they act on the right insights for the company instead of the wrong ones. The particular emphasis on this aspect certainly needs to be made every single step of the way. However, the ultimate drawback to not reacting or acting on any of the insights will be that you will not even get a ROI since the total cost for running a contact centre itself will be quite expensive, especially at the start.

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