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SimplyGram Review - Will an Instagram Growth Service Work for Businesses?

With one billion users and an unmatched engagement rate, Instagram is a new treasure trove for marketers. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have now realized the platform's marketing potential, which is why most companies are already investing in Instagram marketing. Unlike traditional marketing channels, Instagram is interactive as well as cost-effective. This presents a massive opportunity for marketers to reach their target audience more effectively.

But growing your Instagram account comes with many challenges. You have to engage your existing followers and get new followers with valuable and entertaining content. There are dozens of other organic growth strategies that you can use to grow your Instagram account. These include making Instagram posts, publishing user-generated content, posting Instagram stories, and using popular hashtags.

Most of the methods mentioned above take months, if not years, to get you a few thousands of followers. The good news is that there are Instagram growth services, such as SimplyGram, that can help grow your account quickly. It is a good idea to supplement your efforts on this social media platform with such a service.

Let's take a look at how these services work.

How does it work: Methods used in an Instagram followers growth service

Whether you're a small business, aspiring influencer, or individual, you know that growing your Instagram account without outside help is extremely difficult, unless you're a renowned celebrity or brand. This is where Instagram growth services come to your rescue.

Instagram growth services help grow your Instagram followers, besides engaging with your existing fans and promoting your content. With the right service at your disposal, you can pay a few dollars a month and rest assured that your Instagram account will grow exponentially. While this might sound magical and worth your every penny, remember that not all of these services are created equal.

There are two types of Instagram growth services: those that grow your followers with bots and those that use natural, genuine strategies to grow your account. We never recommend the former because they will get fake followers on your account, and your account may also get banned for violating the network's terms of service.

Organic Instagram growth services use legitimate methods to grow your account. For example, they follow other accounts and engage with users to promote your account. Most of these services use the follow-comment-like formula from your profile to get the same reaction from other profiles to your account. Others use the Mother/Child methods, which we've explained in detail below.

Nobody wants to be deceived by services that sell fake Instagram numbers. But still, many people fall for such services. If you want to avoid fake followers and get followed by only real people with real accounts, then head over to SimplyGram.

Let's take a look at whether it is safe to use SimplyGram and how the service helps you grow followers on Instagram.

Is it safe to use SimplyGram for your business?

SimplyGram is an organic Instagram growth service that uses a safe growth strategy called Mother/Child method to promote your account. This method is entirely safe and legitimate, as it does not violate the terms of use of the social network. You can use this service for your business without worrying about getting your account banned or suspended. But how actually does the service work? Let's have a look.

It all begins with you approaching SimplyGram and expressing your interest in using the organic growth service. SimplyGram will then ask you to name your business competitors on the platform. They will also ask if you already have hashtags in mind that you'd like your followers to come for. Next, you will get a dedicated account manager who will work with you to get you a genuine, engaging and targeted audience.

The Mother/Child Instagram growth method involves setting up new accounts on the platform on behalf of your business. The guys at SimplyGram will then use these accounts to send Direct Message (DM) to many relevant Instagram users in your niche every day. They will mention your Instagram username or handle within the message and encourage the recipients of the messages to follow you. The service also involves engaging with your competitors' Instagram followers and other accounts related to your niche to grow your account.

SimplyGram's growth method is tested and proven, as it has allowed more than 7500 businesses and Instagram influencers to get thousands of followers on their Instagram profiles. The good news is that SimplyGram does not ask you for your Instagram password. Just give them your username, and you're good to go.

The Mother/Child growth strategy does not involve the use of bots or Instagram algorithm manipulation. As such, it complies with Instagram's terms and conditions and is safe for your business. SimplyGram's website is entirely secure and encrypted, meaning that your data is fully protected.

Useful things you should know using SimplyGram

SimplyGram encourages new clients to start with three days of a free trial. And you have the choice to cancel your free trial or subscriptions whenever you want. The service works on a monthly basis, meaning that your followers will keep increasing until the next billing cycle. SimplyGram does not charge you anything if you cancel your subscription during the trial period.

The service doesn't guarantee the number of followers you'll gain because certain uncontrollable factors can affect the growth pattern. For example, posting high-quality content is the number one factor to retain your new followers. If you don't produce entertaining or valuable content, chances are your new followers will quickly unfollow you.

But the guys at SimplyGram go the extra mile to make sure to get more followers. Typically, you can expect to get 3,000-5,000 new followers per month with this growth service.

SimplyGram offers 30 days money-back guarantee to its clients. Clients who are not happy with the service can contact SimplyGram's customer support to get reimbursed for the entire amount they spent on the most recent purchase month.


Many growth services promise to boost the number of your Instagram followers. But don't forget that not all of these marketing services are not made equal. Most services use bots and algorithm manipulation to achieve the desired results. These methods go against Instagram's terms of service and can result in your account being suspended. However, it is safe to use SimplyGram, an organic Instagram promotion service that uses legitimate and secure methods to grow your account.

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