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Seattle Software Developers building out Somee Social’s New Social Platform

Left to right: Jorge Tenorio Chief Operating Officer and Phil Anderson CEO at Seattle Software Developers digs in Bellevue, Washington.

Bellevue, WA: Phil Anderson remembers when there were only 250 websites on the internet. While there are almost 2 billion sites today, Anderson and his firm Seattle Software Developers are still pushing the creative and innovative limits of the software development world.

From their Bellevue office and Redmond coding location, Seattle Software Developers thrive on creating custom software systems and taking care of their client's current and future needs. Established in 1989, the company's first major contract was helping Steve Jobs on the software that ran the "Cube." Today their headquarters are strategically located a stone's throw away from the Google and Microsoft campuses, where they frequently recruit new developers.

"We deliver something the giant corporations can't; personable solutions created by real people." Says Phil Anderson, CEO. "At Seattle Software Developers, we work from the bottom up because in today's world of technology, apps are only as robust as the code they're constructed from."

The company's services include mobile and web app development, UX/UI design, Metaverse and NFT platform development as well as large custom enterprise web development. But, beyond what they build, Seattle Software Developers' true secret to success is how they work with clients.

Tackling Unique Challenges

One of the distinctive challenges Seattle Software Developers faces is helping clients understand the ever-changing trends and demands of the development space. Because things change so rapidly, clients must trust the company's recommendations for building adaptable and scalable apps to address the constant evolution of technology and consumer demands.

The software company is devoted to developing apps that remain stable in an ever-changing industry and ensuring that their solutions work across devices and platforms.

"Business processes are never static, and they change frequently. In addition, as market dynamics shift, you need to adopt innovative technology and methods to maintain your marketing dominance. "Jorge Tenorio says, "The benefit of using our services is that the customized software can be easily changed. We specialize in integrating new technology and procedures with legacy software to stay ahead of changing marketing trends."

Seattle Software Developers is currently developing, a social media firm that utilizes the blockchain to monetize content. SoMee's Social’s mobile apps needed to streamline the user experience and allow users to be social & earn rewards on the go. The SoMee IOS & Android apps employ top security protocols and include multiple two-factor authentication security standards for safe use.

"SoMee is a distinctive company with an even more distinctive offering," Tenprio notes, "Our team collaborated closely with theirs to develop an app that redefines social media for privacy, end-user control, and monetization."

Clients Come First

It is not enough to provide the products requested by the client and sign off at Seattle Software Developers. The goal is a long-term partnership that goes beyond just project deliverables. Clients are prioritized above all else at the firm, whether it's making sure there's hot coffee available for a client meeting or simply responding promptly. Bringing on a new client usually begins with an introductory meeting to analyze their unique needs. This can involve website concepts, apps, content review and planning, page optimization, and more. The firm's coders and developers will next write a statement of work based on the discussion to align deliverables and services for the specific client.

"We utilize our Microsoft and Google developers as consultants," Anderson said. "To ensure that the project or app is built to the client's standards, we handpick the best professionals on the planet. As a result, entrepreneurs flock to us because we provide them with exactly what their business requires to power growth."

According to Anderson, when clients work with Seattle Software Developers, or their new Venice, California sister firm Los Angeles Software Developers, they can expect to be heard and understood. The goal is always to develop a long-term, mutually beneficial professional relationship with the agency, leading to strategic collaboration. Accordingly, not only are clients confident that their app is tailored to their business needs, but they also have personnel available to provide ongoing support at the firm.

Using this strategy, the agency can build strong relationships with clients, watch them grow, and truly become a member of their team. The more Seattle Software Developers learn about a brand or organization, the more beneficial they are in achieving business objectives.

"Our clients rely on us for long-term services. Developing professional relationships with clients is essential because it goes beyond simply providing a service. Entrepreneurs come to us because we provide them with exactly what they require," Anderson added.

A creative and innovative heritage

Phil Anderson was introduced to the world of technology at an early age by the mother of a childhood friend, who knew Bill Gates and invited him to her home. Anderson's mother later worked as a secretary for Steve Jobs. He started out getting coffee and parking cars but was quickly promoted to personal assistant and began learning the ins and outs of advertising.

Anderson then founded Seattle Software Developers (the world's fourth oldest software firm) in 1989 when he was 16 years old, employing the extensive skill set that he had honed, and got right to work. Since his early days of developing websites, his company has grown into a sought-after collection of qualified and knowledgeable developers, coders, engineers, marketers, and branding specialists.

What the Future Holds for Seattle Software Developers

The future of the technology industry is evolving at a breakneck pace, which means that organizations and corporations must adapt to remain competitive. On the other hand, technology services providers must keep up with the changes and find ways to educate and move clients forward to avoid falling behind.

Seattle Software Developers' commitment to software innovation and the development of new methods to generate actual revenue for customers is one of the reasons the company has risen to the top of the tech world. The goal is to stay on top of or ahead of technological advancements.

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