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Samsung Touts AI as Game-Changer in Outpacing Apple with Innovative Home Appliances

Samsung showcases advanced AI home appliances at EuroCucina 2024, challenging Apple's tech dominance.

At EuroCucina 2024, Samsung Electronics Co-CEO Han Jong-hee revealed the company’s strategic push into AI-enhanced home appliances, aiming to surpass Apple in market innovation. Highlighting Samsung’s integration of advanced connectivity between its devices, from smartphones to home appliances, Jong-hee showcased new AI-driven features designed to streamline smart home management and enhance user experience.

Samsung Leverages AI to Bridge Smart Home and Mobile Devices, Challenging Apple's Market Dominance

Samsung has gone all-in on AI this year, and seeing it sprinkle the AI fairy dust over a wide range of its products, from smartphones to home appliances. According to Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman and Co-CEO Han Jong-hee (via SamMobile), the secret sauce will allow Samsung to outperform Apple.

Samsung Electronics co-CEO Han Jong-hee is confident that the company's home appliance sector will perform well this year thanks to an expanded product selection and greatly increased communication with mobile devices. He has led Samsung's home appliance division since 2022 and is focused on growing profitability.

This is an area where Apple falls short because, while it ships tens of millions of iPhones, it does not manufacture home appliances and hence cannot provide the same level of seamless connectivity as a Samsung phone and appliance.

Han noted that Samsung's position in TVs and smartphones allows them to deliver improved connectivity. This will simplify users' life and their interactions with smart home devices.

“We value the connection between the products we make, and if we do this well, I think we can compete with Apple,” Han said, adding, “Who knew that Apple would have a hard time because it is not good with AI?”

He also hinted that Samsung will add generative AI based on LLM to Bixby later this year, making the connection between Samsung's home appliances and other devices much more advanced.

Samsung Unveils Next-Generation Bespoke AI Home Appliances at EuroCucina 2024

For quite some time, Samsung has been showing its home appliances at EuroCucina, one of the world's major shows for kitchen-related products and home appliances, held in Europe every two years. The firm also participated in this year's event. At EuroCucina 2024, Samsung unveiled its latest Bespoke AI home appliances and kitchen-related items.

Samsung had created multiple zones to display different items and their features. The brand showcased the Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub+, the Bespoke Kitchen Fit Dishwasher, and Anyplace Induction at the Bespoke AI Kitchen Zone. The company showcased the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo in the Laundry Room Zone, which quickly became a hit in South Korea. There was also the Jet Bot Combo on display.

Samsung also showcased the company's ecosystem. At the Security & Easy Connection Zone, the brand demonstrated Calm Onboarding, which makes it simple to set up Samsung's smart home gadgets. At the Bespoke AI Lifestyle Zone, the brand demonstrated the 3D Map View in the SmartThings app on a Samsung smart TV, which displays all the smart home items in a house on a 3D map.

Photo: Jonathan Kemper/Unsplash

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