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Samsung, Naver join forces to develop chip solutions for AI

Photo by: Samsung Press Release

Samsung Electronics and Naver Corporation have teamed up to jointly develop semiconductors for artificial intelligence (AI) hyperscale computing. This will be an AI chip solution needed for large-scale data processing.

Samsung and Naver revealed on Tuesday this week that they have agreed to a partnership for the AI chip, and the signing of a memorandum of understanding was held at the latter’s headquarters office in Seongnam, Gyeonggi.

The companies are developing this type of chip with the goal of improving the efficiency of data processing as well as reducing energy consumption in the computing system. It was said that this project is in line with the surge in data volume that must be managed efficiently.

This AI chip solution is specifically designed for hyperscale artificial intelligence models. To create this, Samsung and Naver will combine their semiconductor design and manufacturing expertise with proven AI proficiencies to magnify the speed and power efficiency of expansive AI models.

Moreover, as part of the agreement, Samsung will be supplying the hardware for the chip. The electronics company already has technologies that incorporate data processing functions in memory devices like its processing-in-memory, computational storage, processing-near-memory

Compute Express Link (CXL) that enables high-speed communication with lower latency, so these will be applied to the project as well.

As for Naver, it will furnish compression algorithms that are two to three times faster than compared to the existing models. The two firms will make and test compression algorithms for the application and expansion of hyperscale AI computing models. They are also planning to expand their partnership for the development of next-generation high-performance computing devices, as per Aju Business Daily.

“Through our collaboration with NAVER, we will develop cutting-edge semiconductor solutions to solve the memory bottleneck in large-scale AI systems,” Samsung Electronics’ executive vice president of memory global sales and marketing, Jan Jinman, said in a press release. “With tailored solutions that reflect the most pressing needs of AI service providers and users, we are committed to broadening our market-leading memory lineup including computational storage, PIM and more, to fully accommodate the ever-increasing scale of data.”

Naver’s head of CLOVA CIC, Suk Geun Chung, added, “We look forward to broadening our AI capabilities and bolstering our edge in AI competitiveness through this strategic partnership.”

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