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S. Korea aims to cut maritime accidents by 30% with marine navigation services

S. Korea's smart marine navigation system began undergoing pilot operations in 2020.

South Korea's Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) is targetting a 30 percent reduction in maritime accidents by utilizing a smart marine navigation system in offering the world's first marine navigation services starting in 2021.

The marine navigation services will provide remote monitoring of fire and capsizing risks, automatic collision and grounding alerts, optimal route guidance, ship entry and departure information, electronic hydrographical charts, and marine safety and weather data in real-time.

The government developed the system through the Korean-style E-navigation Development Project, which was launched in 2016.

The system began undergoing pilot operations in 2020.

Ships are currently using analog technologies such as radar and voice communication that have limitations in preventing accidents.

Also, the ministry will promote the global standardization of the smart marine transportation system.

South Korea plans to secure marine digital source technologies and establish an international marine digital governance system centered around Korea.

Marine experts say that maritime digitalization could create a new 30-trillion-won market.

The MOF plans to operate a testing site for new technologies with major countries in Korean waters and sign business deals with those countries.

The MOF bared the Smart Maritime Transportation Strategy during the 12th Science And Technology-related Ministers' Meeting.

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