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Reducing Expensive Factory Costs: A Guide

Running a factory is thrilling and fulfilling work, with a great deal of machinery and individuals working underneath you, but it’s also a great responsibility towards your company as a whole. If you don’t manage your factory well, you’ll find that you are haemorrhaging cash unnecessarily, costing your company a great deal of money in the long-term. And if you’re careless and retroactive, you’re going to find yourself dealing with maintenance issues, staff injuries, and log-jams in your production lines. These can all be avoided through the following cost-saving tips.

Sound Management

Factory managers have a lot on their place. The buck stops at managers of factories if there’s a power outage, a machine breakage, or staff walkouts. It’s something you’re going to have to ensure you manage from the bottom right to the top. You need to manage your staff at the same time as keeping an overview of how the production line is going, and how your machines and materials are faring. All this can be achieved through sound management; which you should ensure you’re practicing every day.

Reducing Raw Material Costs

What better gift to provide the CEO than a negotiated reduction in one of the critical raw materials that you have delivered to your factory warehouse each week? This kind of negotiation is often best left to a factory or warehouse manager, who has a sound personal relationship with suppliers that might facilitate an easy cut-price deal. Alternatively, you might choose to strong-arm and look for alternative suppliers with lower prices and work to reduce your costs that way instead.

Business Utilities

The utility side of your factory is of enormous importance. It gobbles up electricity and therefore cash more than most of your factory processes, so having the best possible deal on your utility bills is the best method of reducing your month-on-month costs rolling forwards. Compare business energy prices online to save you the time ringing around different suppliers, and see which is the best deal for your consumption per kilowatt-hour. If you can secure a better deal for your company, it’ll be locked-in for many years to come.

Automation and Machinery

With so much advancement in the digital and machine world in recent decades, there’s absolutely no reason why your factory shouldn’t be operating on the latest and cheapest kinds of machinery to help you save cash. Often, this cash will be saved by making some staff redundant in order to save on wages – with machines taking their place on the production line. Some jobs that you can automate include:

  1. The packing of products, which can be done through machines
  2. Delivery and logistics, which can be outsourced to a ‘smart’ transportation company
  3. Digitising your back office in order to save on administration
  4. Order processing software that can feed straight through to your production line automatically

Keep your eyes peeled for such developments in order to enjoy the cheaper costs associated with automating and digitising some of your business processes.

The four key tips above are applicable to any factory that’s looking to save on costs in 2019 and beyond.

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