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‘Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise’ introduces Unranked playlist and Map Rotation changes

From the “Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise” trailer | Photo by Ubisoft North America/YouTube screenshot

Most players might be looking forward to the release of “Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise” primarily because of the new Operators and the new gears introduced with them. However, this particular seasonal update comes with a fairly long list of gameplay changes and improvements that are worth checking out as well.

There is no denying that the two new Operators are the most important content in every seasonal update. For “Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise,” developers introduce Goyo and Amaru who serve as a defender and an attacker, respectively.

Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise’ updates introduces Unranked Playlist

The third seasonal update for the game’s fourth year introduces a new game mode called the Unranked Playlist. As the name suggests, the main concept of this mode is to provide no-pressure multiplayer gameplay for fans who are still familiarizing with the game or with the new operators in “Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise.”

Generally, the rules in the Ranked playlist is also used in the Unranked. But the main difference is that how good or badly someone performs in this mode will not affect their standing in the Ranked playlist. Gamers must remember, though, that since the same fair play guidelines and sanctions apply in Unranked and can affect a players status in the Ranked games.

Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise’ brings changes to Map Rotation, community rules & sanctions

Another important update that arrives with “Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise” applies to the map rotation in the Casual, Ranked, and Unranked playlists. Ubisoft also wants to discourage players from quitting ongoing matches by increasing the level of sanctions.

For the Casual playlist during “Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise,” available maps are cut down to 14 from 20 removing House, Presidential Plane, Yacht, Favela, Theme Park and Tower from the rotation. Additionally, three maps will be replaced every month for this mode. The first month will not feature the Skyscraper, Fortress and Oregon maps, but they will be replaced with Tower, Presidential Plane, and House.

The Ranked and Unranked playlists will only have 12 rotating maps in “Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise.” The maps Hereford, Theme Park, and Fortress are removed while the reworked Kanal will be included.

“Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise” also removes the night mode altogether in the Casual and Newcomer modes. The Theme Park will not be available entirely this season because it is getting reworked for Year 4’s fourth seasonal update.

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