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‘Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise’ gameplay update: Ubisoft issues stricter punishment for bad player behavior

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Every new season in "Rainbow Six Siege" means new contents are made available to the players, especially with two new Operators in every seasonal update. Ubisoft also uses it as a time to issue important changes and updates to the overall gameplay, and it is the same case for "Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise."

'Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise' update: Stricter sanctions await for players with bad behavior

This 2015-released game is a tactical shooter that is played by teams. It is also designed for every member of the team to have distinct roles, so it could greatly affect a group's chance to win when one of their members suddenly leaves a match. Ubisoft hopes to discourage these scenarios by issuing player behavior updates through "Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise."

In this update, developers focused on repeat offenders. As "Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise" begins, the gravity of sanctions imposed on a quitting player accelerates every time they abruptly leave a match.

Sanctions are primarily made by temporarily suspending a player's ability to access the game, so if a player continues with this behavior, they should expect longer suspension periods over time. This rule applies to matches in both Ranked and Unranked playlists. Additionally, players will not be able to use any other playlists while the match they left is still active.

'Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise' sanctions: Are there consequences in staying idle during a match?

The player behavior updates in "Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise" also affects players who will become idle during a game. This actually makes sense because being idle while in a live match is practically has the same effects as prematurely leaving the game.

Once the game detects a player's inactivity in "Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise," there will be a warning along with a countdown will appear on the screen before an automatic idle kick sets in. Some players become idle as early as the preparation phase. In this case, the idle player will automatically drop their defuser (if they have it) once the match enters the action phase.

"Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise" is the third seasonal update in the games fourth-year roadmap. It should be playable within three months and the final of Year 4 shall commence in early 2020.

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