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Preparation Required While Installing an Air Conditioner

When the mercury soars in summer, it can become unbearable. That is the reason people install air conditioning in their homes. It allows them to make the interior of their homes comfortable. So, if your cooling system goes on the blink, you should replace it right away and ensure you never have to suffer when summer comes around. You can get an air conditioner installation/repair done by the experts at Action Furnace that are quite efficient in their work and corrects every trouble in the shortest period. However, before you install an air conditioner, there are a few things that you need to do to prep your home.

If you follow the steps required to prepare your home for air conditioning installation, the entire process will go off smoothly and also keep your home comfortable and cool throughout the summer.

Select the Right Air Conditioning System

Size matters when choosing an air conditioner. If your air conditioner is too big, it will use energy unnecessarily to cool your living space. On the other hand, if you select an air conditioning system that is too small, it will be unable to cool your home. A too big or too small unit is inefficient and will prove to be an expensive choice. It is best to consult an air conditioning contractor to calculate the cooling load and give you an estimate of the unit size that is apt for your home.

Educate Yourself about Air Conditioner Installation

Take time to find out more about the chosen air conditioning unit and its installation process. That way, you will know what to expect when the AC contractor comes to install it. Usually, installing an air conditioner takes a few hours and is often performed by a licensed technician. Before the installation, make a list of questions related to your air conditioner and its usage, and about its maintenance. The more you learn about your air conditioning system, the better you will be able to maintain it.

Prepare the Room for Installation

Select the room where you want the air conditioner installed. Make sure that the area where you want to install the air conditioner is clear so that the technician does not face any obstruction during the installation process. In case you intend to install the unit where the previous air conditioner was installed, make sure that the size of the new unit matches the older one. If not, you would have to take measures to adjust the space according to the new dimensions.

Make the Area More Accessible

When the technician is installing the new air conditioner, they would require easy access and space. The technician will want access to the furnace area, where they will install the A-coil. Don’t forget that there will be an outdoor unit which will be installed, as well. Make sure that the space outside is debris-free and clear. Put away hoses, gardening tools and other items that are lying around to give the technician unfettered access outside.

Clean and Seal Ducts

Before installing the air conditioner, make sure that the ducts across your home are cleaned. The cleaning will get rid of dust and dirt that is accumulated in the ductwork and prevent it from getting circulated in your home when the new AC unit begins operating. This way, it will help improve the quality of indoor air. Get a licensed and qualified HVAC contractor to clean the ductwork and then seal it so that your air conditioner can work efficiently, without causing any loss of cooled air.

The Bottom Line

Getting a new, energy-efficient air conditioner can be a joy. However, you must take measures to prepare your home for the new system. That way, the AC unit will be quickly and correctly installed, and it will give you years of service without any hassles.

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