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Paulius Stankevicius has a goal to complete $1 billion USD capital raising for clients

Serial entrepreneur, Paulius Stankevicius, and CEO and founder of Stankevicius Group is aiming high for 2022. He runs a private public relations and investor relations firm, Stankevicius MGM, and has raised over $500M in funding for over 250 clients back in 2018.

In 2017 and 2018 luckily the markets were bullish and had a lot to do with Paul’s success, after which he went to venture commodity trading with medical and pharmaceuticals products right from the very beginning since the start of coronavirus in Q4 2019.

Paulius Stankevicius spent 2 years in medical and pharmaceutical trading in the Middle East and has accomplished fast growth for his co-founded business in Dubai last year in 2020.

Now, in Q4 2021 Paul is pushing back his business into public relations and investor relations consulting and is signing off new clients to raise capital for their projects. Paul says that his new goal is to raise a total of $1 billion by Q4 2022. He wishes to achieve a title of a professional and the most successful capital raiser and business deal closer worldwide.

Additionally, new ventures are coming up for Stankevicius Group in 2022 within the financial sector including asset management and digital banking. Paul has already announced earlier this year in Spring about launching a digital bank and since then he has worked on financial services business structure for digital banking. He says it’s difficult to enter into the financial industry in this modern age where regulations, security, safety and privacy are all putting up walls in front of your idea. Yet, nothing is impossible for Paul. He intends to continually push digital banking business forward in 2022 with help of the Middle East and Asia Pacific large corporate partners with mutual visions trying to achieve the same result.

Thirdly, the Middle East has a big market, and so with his Middle East business, Paul is looking to enter Saudi Arabian markets for B2B and B2C e-commerce with strong partners by his side. Not to mention, Paulius is also aiming for dominance in the Russian market B2C e-commerce sector.

Tech-savvy, PR and IR expert, professional business development, very experienced in international laws, contracting and business due diligence - this entrepreneur, Paulius Stankevicius, is aiming for nothing less but a strong global market dominance in all mainstream industries across all major regions.

Whether its commodities, technology or advertising, Paul is involved in all, and not just involved but mastering each sector’s subject with very extensive knowledge and real life business expertise. Earlier in 2020, his established trading firm, Stankevicius International, has set foot in petroleum and commodities trading in South America, Russian and African markets, and is working on large infrastructure projects in Africa in collaboration with the Middle East and South East Asian governments.

Not to mention, Stankevicius Group has also a vast interest in business development in North America and Canada.

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