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‘PUBG Mobile 2.0’ release date is set sometime in 2021; survival horror for PC, consoles to follow next year

PUBG Mobile | Photo credit: SCREEN POST (@screenpost) / Unsplash

The “PUBG” universe is getting bigger in the coming years, starting in 2021. A new title for the mobile gaming platform is confirmed to launch this year and will be followed by “The Callisto Project” next year.

‘PUBG Mobile 2.0’ for 2021 and ‘PUBG 2.0’ for PC, consoles in 2022

Executives of Krafton, the South Korean gaming publisher that owns “PUBG,” revealed to Bloomberg its plans to expand the “PUBG” universe with upcoming video game titles. The company’s imminent initial public offering was discussed, and CEO Kim Chang-Han promised Krafton “will not stay as a one-hit wonder.”

Kim means that Krafton has several ongoing projects aiming to deliver all-new “PUBG” titles on mobile, PC, and consoles. The article did not specify the upcoming games’ titles, but it was noted that they would be based on the “PUBG” world.

It is then worth noting that games tentatively called “PUBG 2.0” and “PUBG Mobile 2.0” were already mentioned in reports earlier this month. Krafton also unveiled “The Callisto Protocol” last December during The Game Awards.

Details about the so-called “PUBG Mobile 2.0” are still unknown, but the same interview confirmed that it is planned to be released sometime in 2021.

This will be the first time the South Korean company is directly handling the development of a mobile “PUBG” game. An agreement with PUBG Corporation (owned by Krafton’s subsidiary Bluehole) allowed Tencent Games to produce the currently available “PUBG Mobile.” It was a necessary move so the franchise could be brought into the massive mobile gaming market in China, where a version of the game is called “Game for Peace” was approved by the Chinese government and launched in 2019.

Are these ‘PUBG’ games different from ‘The Callisto Protocol’?

As mentioned, a new PC and console game based on “PUBG” is confirmed to be released in 2022. While its title was not mentioned in the interview, this likely refers to “The Callisto Protocol.”

Unlike the “PUBG Mobile 2.0,” fans already know several details about “The Callisto Protocol.” It will be a survival horror title that takes place in the same world as the OG battle royale game set 300 years into the future. The game is currently set to launch in 2022 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Featured photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash

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