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Over $1 Billion US Treasuries Tokenized Following BlackRock's BUIDL Debut

Tokenization of US Treasuries exceeds $1 billion after BlackRock's BUIDL fund launch.

Following the launch of BlackRock's Ethereum-based BUIDL fund, the tokenization of US Treasuries on blockchain platforms has surpassed the $1 billion mark. This groundbreaking move underscores the growing intersection of traditional finance and blockchain technology, with BUIDL leading market capitalization growth.

BlackRock's BUIDL Surges in Market Cap, Pioneering Tokenized US Treasury Investments

BUIDL, BlackRock's Ethereum-based product, was launched on March 20 and has since surpassed a market capitalization of $244.8 million, CryptoPotato reported.

According to 21Shares' Dune Analytics dashboard data, BUIDL is now trailing only Franklin Templeton's 11-month-old Franklin OnChain US Government Money Fund (FOBXX), which has $360.2 million in US Treasuries. The dashboard also shows that $1.08 billion in US treasuries have been tokenized across 17 products.

Ondo Finance, a real-world asset tokenization firm, recently invested $95 million in BlackRock's BUIDL fund to enable instant settlements for its US Treasury-backed token, OUSG, acquiring a 38% stake in BUIDL.

BUIDL's value is pegged to the US dollar at 1:1, and accrued dividends are distributed to investors every month. According to's Dune dashboard, tokenized government treasuries are becoming more appealing than stablecoin yields, especially given the current high-interest rate environment.

Tokenization of US Treasuries Spearheads Shift Towards Blockchain-Based Assets

US Treasuries act as a gateway to tokenization, providing low-risk options for investors to store on-chain cash while earning consistent yields within the blockchain ecosystem. The market has grown significantly over the last year, from $100 million in early 2023 to its current size. While US Treasuries are just one example of this trend, assets like stocks and real estate can also be tokenized.

According to Boston Consulting Group, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink sees blockchain tokenization as a way to improve capital market efficiency, with projections of a $16 trillion market by 2030.

Notably, major asset management firms like WisdomTree and blockchain-native companies like Ondo Finance, Backed Finance, Matrixdock, Maple Finance, and Swarm are actively involved in RWA tokenization.

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