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New Balance Named Official Apparel and Footwear Provider of the Australian Open and United Cup

The newly formed alliance between Tennis Australia and New Balance marks a significant milestone for both entities.

Tennis Australia has tapped New Balance as the Official Performance Apparel and Footwear provider for the Australian Open and United Cup. This collaboration brings exciting possibilities for the two prestigious tennis events/

Australian Open's Co-Branded Line of Performance Apparel and Footwear

Men's Journal noted that New Balance will release an Australian Open co-branded range of performance apparel and footwear as part of this partnership. Tennis enthusiasts can purchase these exclusive items conveniently through the New Balance website and on-site at the Australian Open's retail store on Grand Slam Oval. Notably, New Balance will also be honored to outfit the ballkids at the United Cup, which will take place in both Perth and Sydney.

Tennis Australia's Chief Commercial Officer, Cedric Cornelis, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, "We're thrilled to join together with New Balance. We share a common goal of growing tennis through innovation while honoring the sport's rich heritage, making New Balance an obvious partner for two of the sport's biggest events – the Australian Open and the United Cup."

Mr. Cornelis continued by praising New Balance's history of investing in tennis and its expanding presence in the sport. The partnership signifies a shared dedication to making a lasting impact on the world of tennis and inspiring future athletes, as per Sport Business.

New Balance Tennis Ambassadors Showcase Commitment to Excellence

The prowess of New Balance's tennis ambassadors reflects their ongoing commitment to the sport. Among their notable brand ambassadors are American stars Tommy Paul and Coco Gauff. Tommy Paul reached the Semi-Finals in Australia last year, while Coco Gauff made history as she clinched her first Grand Slam title at the 2023 US Open in September.

Evan Zeder, Director of Sports Marketing for New Balance Tennis and Baseball, expressed pride in collaborating with Tennis Australia for these globally renowned events. He described the partnership as more than sponsorship but rather a celebration of two brands dedicated to growing the game and inspiring the next generation of tennis players and fans.

With this partnership, Tennis Australia and New Balance aim to leave a lasting impression on the hearts of future athletes, further solidifying their commitment to tennis and the exceptional experiences these events offer.

Photo: Hamza Ali/Unsplash

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